Benefits eligibility after different classifications

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    i work in the Chesapeake district (Philadelphia area). When am I eligable for benefits? I was a casual package driver working about 50 hours a week November and december of 2018. I was let go in January 2019. Rehired on preload late February of 2019 working about 25 hours a week. On May 9th I switched classification to combo air/inside and now work 35-40 hours a week. 2 questions. How does all this movement of classification affect benefits eligibility, as far as time until I’m eligable? Also, am I considered full time? And/or will I get full time benefits?
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    9 months from Feb 2019.
    Screenshot_20190517-155931_Adobe Acrobat.jpg
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    Should ask @BestSupEver he is from Chesapeake district and can tell you about his keto diet as well.
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    I hope he sees this I have a lot of questions about the keto diet lol
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