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  1. Diegotron

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    Zero dollars and zero cents. :) Thanks alot Gustav. I guess I didn't get that holiday pay. I did however make a whopping 18.12 for that hour and 40 minutes I went to work on Friday. Well, actually stood around and waited for work, it never came. Taxes-1.39, Union Dues-16.73. I guess I didn't quite have enough to pay the dues. I'm gonna frame this check. Seriously.
  2. brownmonster

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    Shouldn't you get the gauranteed hours for your shift for reporting?
  3. Diegotron

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    I actually talked to the "top dog" in the building at the time about that. He said sure he'd give me 3 and a half for showing. It was the Friday after Gustav and a supervisor called me to let me know I could get some hours on twilight. Twilight is not my shift nor do I even go in on Fridays at all. That was also not an actually work day I suppose since 4 hourlies and 7 supervisors showed up. We sat around waiting for them to decide what to do. We had 5 trucks compared to our usual 35-39. We ended up not working at all. I never actually clocked in b y the way, no one did.
  4. Logon to UPSERs and check your paystub to see if you got paid for Labor Day.

    I didn't have holiday on my paycheck either. I worked both the day before and day after Labor day. The time report showed me coded as Holiday. However, my check does not include my Holiday Pay. Here in Greensboro, I know they just switched to a new time verification system. I wonder if this has anything to do with me not getting paid my holiday.

    Unless UPS does not consider Labor Day a paid holiday, anymore.
  5. MonavieLeaker

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    You get holiday pay after one year at ups
  6. drewed

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    its 6 months here
  7. Partime Lifer

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    I have 8 years under my belt here at UPS. Hints the Screen name Partime Lifer. Anyways, I am the only one getting shafted on the Holiday pay for Labor Day?
  8. dupa

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    got mine and im in Winston
  9. Bryishre

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    im in richmond and i got my holiday pay........... and the only day you dont get paid is christmas eve if your part time cause the evening sorts dont run
  10. Diegotron

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    I went to clock in at work tonight and noticed some PT supervisors laughing about something with my PT sup. Didn't think anything of it till one of them asked me if I wanted my check. I told them I I already knew it was zero dollars, turns out they all knew too. That really didn't bother me too much since they can all probably figure out my pay whenever they feel like it. So I work the whole night joking with my co-workers asking what Wal-Mart would charge to cash my check and stuff like that. So I go to clock out and ask my sup where my check is. He points to the bulletin board above our clock in thing. Turns out HE opened MY check and had thumbtacked it to the bulletin board. I told him I thought that was effed up. Not because of what I made so much as the fact that he actually did that. He simply said "stop crying". Gonna have a talk with his upper on Sunday to make sure it doesn't happen again. Just can't believe he did that. :dissapointed:
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have a legitimate beef. Talk to his boss.
  12. rod

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    I'm afraid that would have sent me over the edge. I would go out of my way to get this creep fired. Call Corporate - the local news --anyone at all that could bring crap down on this guy. :angry: HE HAS TO GO!!!
  13. Big Babooba

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    You'll just have to learn how to budget yourself. If you're careful, you can make that check go a long way.
  14. Diegotron

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    No one will cash it for me. :biting: I'm gonna try to see if Wal-Mart will cash it for me if I buy something from them. They're gonna take 3 percent of my check if I don't. :(
  15. Partime Lifer

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    How about the whole Sunrise shift did not recieve their Holiday pay. What a joke!
  16. satellitedriver

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    A saying I learned many decades ago,
    "You do not jack with a man's paycheck or his lunch box."
    I would hang "someone's" hide out to dry.
  17. 705red

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    This has to be the first time it will actually cost someone money out of pocket to cash their own check!
  18. sx2700

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    Hmmmmm..........Isn't 3% of zero still zero?:smart:
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Everywhere but UPS.
  20. atatbl

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    Screw talking to his boss, call the ethics hotline, now. Please. No company wants someone who would think that is ok to work for them. Call it. Then tomorrow I bet you won't see that sup. He will be in an office most of your shift. Depending on how that office chat goes, maybe you won't see him again.