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  1. unload a whole truck of 110 packages by myself, by the time I'm done with my route my guns are so pumped it's not even funny, the vascularity in my forearms is just crazy, I know the chicks that sign my scanner be admirin, bet they want some of this. seriously though I'm lightning speed, scan boom, be hittin that residential button, boom boom be hittin the driver release, front door, accept buttons like a boss. throw that sucka at the doorstep. even those direct signs cant slow this playa down. be throwin envelopes from the cab like I'm playin paperboy on super nintendo. my scanner be smokin in its holster. bbsam be beggin to hire me. i be done and nappin before his other drivers even get out the gate. i do everything with precision.

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    ​And modest too!
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    ​Mainegroundriver is that you?
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    110, phew.. thats a big day.. I used to deliver that to Walmart, then go to home depot and drop 50 more.. THEN my route started another 70 stops.
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    and then did ya have the lawn all mowed by 3?
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    Great parody. I guess nobody else figured it out.
  8. I knew you'd get it MFE.
  9. Keep turnin' those couriers and pushing the Union. I'll keep preaching my anti-Fred propaganda and advocating WAD at my Ground terminal. WAD is spreading like wildfire.
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    Howard is that you?
  11. My second middle name is Howard. But people call me MT4.
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    There's no way your scanner ever sees your holster.
  13. ​Don't be ghey
  14. The last time I heard that was in junior high school. It's 2013 brah. It's not cool to be homophobic and/or insult people by implying they're a different sexual preference than you. That's the problem with an entry level job like Ground. I work with some great people, but I also work with some idiots like above, who use words like "gay" and "F***" as some of their primary adjectives/nouns/adverbs. Open your mind.
  15. No I said "ghey" not "gay" ..
  16. ^ ?????????

    I'm glad I'm almost done with college -_-
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    Nobody is a better Ground Driver. I fuel at the airport with jet fuel, I'm not even the best. MY handcart will peel out and burn rubber, still not the best. I try, but there is always someone better. Case in point, I hand sheeted 70 stops monday and it was quicker than using a powerpad(scanner) from 2 -5pm. Someone else did it better.
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    You only have the bar being set so low to thank for this distinction.


    I believe "ghey" is a negative connotation for a situation, not a person's sexual orientation.... i.e. "This not getting a raise this year is effing ghey". The downside is that it is nearly impossible to differentiate between the 2 when spoken.

    Just sayin...
  20. ghey = lame
    gay = happy or slang for homosexual?

    ​happy happy joy joy