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    hey guys. I work in TN and ive been with ups for a little over 2 years. It will be another 5 or 6 years until i will be able to drive, especially the way the economy is going. What im wondering is where is the best place to become a driver fast? MY wife wants to move back west to Oregon where her family is, but i don't want to because i dont want to have ot wait another 5 or so years. We really want to move, but im worried about my job. So does anyone know the bet location to become a quick driver? thanks
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    LA or NY area where the greatest concentration of deliveries are of course the cost of living in these areas is high so it's a trade off. Where ever you go the wait could be lengthy.
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    And what happens if you don't like driving? Don't put all your eggs in one basket. PLEASE don't do it just for the $$.
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    In my opinion that's pretty much the only reason to do it.
    Up here in NoVa we were hiring off the street as recently as last year, that probably won't happen again for a while but this is a high growth area so as soon as the economy gets back on track (fingers crossed) I assume we'll get back to it. We've got bid sheets hanging right now for PT to go FT.
    Cost of living will be a shock if you're coming from TN though.
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    If you go on the UPS jobs website, just start checking every state for drivers. I check sometimes for the hell of it. I think MN awhile ago was looking for feeder drivers, another state also was just recently. As someone else said, do you really want to move to east jabbib? There's moving expenses, cost of living where you move to, etc. I remember reading an article some place in North Dakota was closing there offices because they couldn't get any help. Good luck!
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    I was just looking . There are several jobs posted for Iowa
    Air, City and feeder .
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    a small center...We have a center with maybe 50 employees including OMS, Clerks, Local sorters, Preloaders, Drivers, and Management. Went full-time in exactly a year of being hired, but was a tcd for 7 months out of a year...but maybe i just got lucky
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    Does it have to be UPS?
    There are two trucking companies that advertise for drivers all the time on Foxnews radio.

    and....I can't think of who they are right now, but I'll post back when my Alzheimers reurns to remission!
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    There is no other reason to like it in the current environment other than the money. Liking driving has nothing to do with it.

    Make sure you like daily hassles for no reason, unreasonable demands, people that talk to you like you are an idiot, and people that SOUND reasonable, LOOK sane, but make no sense whatsoever.

    Don't listen to responses to this post, saying "some people can handle it, some can't" That is like a put-down for not being able to handle water-boarding when you have the choice to walk away.
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    I dont have cable but let me take a guess, schneider trucking definitely, and for the other one, maybe j.b hunt, or covenant

    and let me just say these companies pay sh-t, you might as well sign the divorce papers because you wont be home for realistically 2 1/2 weeks at a time. etc etc.
  13. over9five

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    The OP didn't say he wanted a lot of money, just that he wanted a driving job fast.
  14. Sammie

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    J.B. Hunt (also located in your fair state)
  15. DS

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    Edmonton Alberta Canada.
  16. over9five

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    Would that be an "Ice Road Trucker"?
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    ok fair enough, I thought it was implied that he wanted to drive a ups vehicle. He couldn't even get a job with hunt right now . He doesn't have a cdl . He would most likely have to go to truck driving school (5 grand , unless he got an uncle who has a truck) then he still needs 3 months experience before they would even hire him as an otr driver but guess what? they don't have loads that go over 250 miles from pickup to drop off so he will basically get 1250 fifty miles a week times a whopping 43 cents ( alot less actually since he is not a driver with years of experience) but I stay with that number. 43 cents x 1250 is about 510 bucks a week . He will spend the weekends at truckstops with no freight available until monday.
    Wanna try schneider, go to their truck driving school , tuition is free unless you quit within a year or if they fire you two seconds after you sign the binding contract that has you on the hook for 3,500 dollars. It seems schneider rams their driving schools with students and washes out many on purpose and then gets a judgement against them for the money. If you pursue this route, make sure you love to drive because that will be your only reward. Just my two cents. If he gets a few years of experience, then better paying jobs that might be local to boot will be available to him:happy2:

    been there, done that and got the t-shirt and paystubs to prove it
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    I see from your link, that in this economy, jb hunt can be more picky now, 6 months experience. Like I said , not many miles between pickup and drop off and that is where you lose time (unpaid) , not on the road, but at the consignee and shipper. Jb hunt is essentially an intermodal (rail) company when it comes to shipping long distances.
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    Hey Johnatan, clarify this for us, when you say best place to become a driver, do you mean with ups or outside of ups?
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    Well my wife and i are wanting to move out of TN. We dont know where yet. I dont care where we move, all im worried about is my job. I dont know if i want to be a driver. I just want to be full time. The hubthat i work at now, to be a driver, ill be waiting atlease 5 years. So im wondering what place is the most fast to be full time, wether it be driving or whatever. But i defenitly dont want to be full time sup. thanks for the help guys.