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    Between two posts I have seen lately, one Billboard on the NJ TP and an airplane flying over the Edison hub, about unsafe working conditions, wouldnt it be better if the Union handled these things differently. It makes UPS look like an awful place. It might make some customers use a different company to ship. Its like the old saying, cutting off your nose to spite your face. Of course, no one should work in unsafe conditions, but publicizing sends the wrong message. In these economic times, we should be working together against other companies, not against each other. You cant spell Teamsters with out the Team lol By the way, what are all these unsafe working conditions? Am I missing something?
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    Great, now we have three posts on the same subject.
    I'm not sure my boy Island can handle rehashing this subject again from the beginning.
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    I am truly surprised. I agree with you !! Lets not beat a dead horse :wink2:
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    Lets end it !

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    Agreed. Lets move on to next battle !:wink2:
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    Sorry about that lol
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    I've heard nothing about this. Could you guys update me?

    And where do I get UPS socks?
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    OK I get it. I already apologized lol