"BLack Thursdays"

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    Black Thursdays is the protest against part time poverty where pts wear black to work on thursdays tio protest bthier poverty level weages. Coming soon are bumper stickers that read "END UPS PART TIME POVERTY"These will be distributed for free. The protest including wearing black ,bumper stickers aND OTHER PUBLIC AWARENESS ACTIONS WILL CONTINUE UNTIL UPS OFFERS THE teAMSTERS A EARLY CONTRACT AMENDMENT THAT ENDS PART TIME POVETY. Ups did simialar due to widespread dissatisfaction with the early surprize contract extension in 1984. The Black Thursdays committee seeks significant improvements this tiime in order to end solidarity and public awareness efforts. Pleaser spread the word about black Thursdays to part timers at your hub or center.
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    This person who fights against part time poverty is in actuality a blue blood who lives in a ski chalet in northern california year around. Imagine the money needed for that little expense. This women was on the net selling T-shirts to part-timers for twice her cost to make them. Interesting how she was gouging part timers to help them.
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    The guy that posts as tie guy is a discredited mgr that goes by upssup on teamsternet. He makes false allegations against activists trying to reform ups. For examploe Saintteamo sold t shirts to end ups part time poverty that were high quality and all proceeds went towards furthering the movement including funding the oublic awareness bumper stickers soon to b=e distributed for free.
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    just a question What's wrong with part time wages?
    It is part time job, how much are you suppose to make? Just don't understand the problem
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    I have a suggestion to help these poverty striken part time people lift themselves up from the horror of their poverty. GET A FULL TIME JOB! I realize this would require working more than 4 hours per day, which would leave less time for other pursuits, but you would then be JOINING THE REAL WORLD. A part time job at UPS, with all its benefits, is among the best part time jobs out there. The health benefits and education assistance programs are outstanding. So get real, get a life(a real one), and stop whining.

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    Workers who are part time are there for their own reasons. Who are you to tell any one to stop whinning and get a full time job. As for the pay of a part timer, it's sucks. You can make almost as much working at a fast food place, the hours suck and so does the atmosphere. Why would anyone then want to do the job??? Well I come back to my statment, we all work at UPS for our own personal reason.

    I know way too may preloaders who are a part of the real world (ie:have a full time job) but also do this.

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    If the part time employee is in poverty, he/she needs to find a full time job to make enough money to get out of poverty. When you don't make enough money to support yourself at your job you need to get another one. No one owes you a living. Run, don't walk to the nearest fast-food joint and ask them for a job. Apparently the jobs they have are easier and they pay just as much.(probably more because the teamsters won't be in your pocket) So if you can do better someplace other than UPS, GO THERE! And STOP WHINING!

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    So now we have both Kim and UPSSUP from teamster.net? Oh my....Please come back and save us, Cheryl
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    UPS ads highlight part-time work
    By: Melissa Campanelli
    August 16, 2002

    United Parcel Service has extended its "What Can Brown Do for You?" campaign to focus on part-time work at the carrier, the Atlanta company said yesterday.

    The new campaign includes a series of print advertisements that will run later this summer in markets such as Dallas, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Chicago. Direct mail may be used by some of the company's regions and districts across the country as the campaign rolls out.

    The ads extol employment at UPS and show how part-time workers use employee benefits to reach their goals, such as having enough money to move out of their parents' homes, using tuition assistance to attend college or using UPS medical coverage to help with healthcare costs.

    UPS also is running ads based around an essay contest for part-time employees that asks "What has Brown done for you?" In 1,000 words or less, employees describe an achievement or accomplishment made possible by their job at UPS. Winners will be announced in October and will receive cash prizes as well as recognition from UPS senior management. Contest details are posted on www.pressroom.ups.com.

    With titles such as "Brown and the Road Trip," "Brown and a Better Life" and "Brown and the Scholarship," the ads focus on the experiences of employees. In "Road Trip," a 20-something employee explains how a generous starting wage and weekends off let him travel to concerts with friends.

    Separate from the ads directed at part-time employment, UPS has developed a series of ads on its commitment to diversity and community involvement. They will run throughout the year in regional and national minority, business and mainstream publications. Several of the new ads reference the company's Earn and Learn program, tuition assistance offered to part-time employees in 51 locations nationwide. Benefits include $3,000 in tuition assistance per calendar year and $2,000 in forgivable student loans.

    The Martin Agency developed several of the Brown ads. This marks the first major UPS brand advertising directed by Martin. Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications, which has handled UPS's employment advertising for five years, also worked under Martin's guidance in applying the Brown concept to ads directed at part-time employees.
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    robonono...we also know who wrote the "story"
    UPS management. That's one of the biggest problems with trade magazines and such. They write their own copy and as long as it's not to far fetched and a few facts are easy to back up they run them.
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    Thats fine prove me wrong tell me you don't live at a ski lodge in northern california. Tell me you didn't sell your t-shirts for 20$ or more. Tell me how much
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    OK, so what if the article WAS written by UPS or by a UPS manager. So what? The article is making the point that UPS is putting on an ad campaign directy addressing part time employment, and its benefits.

    IT further mentions the essay contest where current UPS part-time employees can tell what Brown Has Done for Them.

    It seems fairly obvious to me that not everyone shares the extremely negative opinion that is being expressed in this thread about slavery, poverty, etc. in part time UPS employment.

    I started as a part timer in 1972 while a junior in college, and it was perfect for my needs. I have a nephew who is currently a college senior and a part time UPSer, and it works well for him as well.

    My point is, that not all part time UPSers want a full time job right now - the part time hours, pay, and benefits fulfill the needs of their particular situation at this time. To imply otherwise is simply not true.
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    The board is starting to look like Yahoo. Name calling, bullying, lousy company, poor management and all the ewave type stuff comming here. Hard not to fire a few management salvos.
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    Ewave!!!! Whoa! There's a bad memory resurrected.

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    This has to be one of the most ridiculous threads on this website. If a part time job at UPS is not
    meeting your needs, why the hell do you stay there? LEAVE ALREADY! GET A JOB THAT WILL!!!

    People in this country have become so pathetic thinking that they are owed everything, and who
    wont take personal responsibility for anything!!!

    GROW UP!
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    Gee everytime I ask Kim to produce the numbers she shuts up. Go figure.
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    It's interesting that ups is having a essay contest now that The Black Thursdays committee is encouraging part time exploitation victims to write to thier High school or college asking that they ban ups from recruiting .Ups mgmt is right wh4en they say if you dont like it dont work for us. It's called a strike! But the IBT needs to rally the workers to morally support fairness and justice for the low seniority part timers. Before the 1982 wage reduction and following twenty years of economic holocaust inflicted upon the part timers ups used to be a great job for getting through college.Now it's a poor job suitable for naive high school students that li8ve withy mommy and daddy and dont need a job anyway. Ups should care about being socialy responsible by making the back breaking jobs once again paying fair wages that someone could go to college on.However top0 ups mgmt is no better than the scandle riden corporation chiefs in the news these days. And lower mgmt for the most part lacks the courage integrity and strength of moral character to speak the truth on this forum or elsewhere.Scum like tieguy attempt to defame the activist leaders of the BLack Thursdays movement to get brownie points from upper scum.Ups will have to spend a lot of advertising dollars to counter the effects of us passing out five thousand public awareness bumper stickers per month nthat rea COmbined with our letter writingt campaign and other public awareness and solidarity efforts to come d "END UPS PART TIME POVERTY" Combinedwith a word of mouth campaign ,other public awareness aND SOLIDARITY EFFORTS AND THING LIKE OUR LETTER WRITING EFFORTS TO HIGH SCHOOLS ETC WE SHALL GIVE THE GREEDY SCUM SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT.
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    Kim why is it you won't disclose how much you have in proceeds from your T-shirt sale. Why won't you tell us who has this money and how it will be disbursed? Kim are you trying to hide something from us?
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    You sound like one sick puppy. How does UPS exploit the part time workforce? Does it do it by offering a competitive p/t wage? Maybe its all the health insurance benefits that come with the job. Or maybe its the tuition reimbursement program. Or the college credit courses it offers on the work site. Or maybe its the Welfare To Work Program that has successfully propelled people from the welfare roles to good solid jobs with futures. It must be one or maybe all of these things, huh? Anyone who supports the garbage you spew needs to have their head examined.