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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by hj2001, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. hj2001

    hj2001 New Member

    Any driver out there work at a bonus center?
  2. ups79

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    I did until I retired.
  3. loserupser

    loserupser Two minute Therapist

    I do, and it just another way for the company to steal from its drivers, and only certain drivers benefit from it. Its a joke, were working on trying to vote it out.
  4. 30andout

    30andout New Member

    I do Ido, its great if you like to run and skip your lunch and breaks. But on the other hand it sucks if you have a route with a poor time study.:crying:
  5. Jones

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    Who wants to know, and why?
  6. hj2001

    hj2001 New Member

    Just wanted to see how many centers operate like this out there , and if anybody works at a center that got rid of it. Are center is a bonus center ,we tried to vote it out once - but the vote was deadlocked . Management did not want to see it voted out , Was told it was going to be tried again (to be voted out) . Last vote was B.E. ( Before EDD).
  7. 30andout

    30andout New Member

    Sounds a lot like the center I'm in, a lot of people were making bonus B.E. but now a lot of people who made bonus can't and some that didn't are able to now. I lost about 45 min a day.
  8. brownsquared

    brownsquared Guest

    Bonus is great if you are good enough to get it. Most people that don't like it are not able to perform well enough to get it. 18 years on a downtown route and I average about an hour a day. It helps if your center is a non-preload center, too. I get about an hour and a half worth of my day loading my truck. To each his own I guess!
  9. speeddemon

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    But you see, thats discrimination on those who are older, or who cant go as fast as other people.
  10. What is a bonus Center?
  11. hj2001

    hj2001 New Member

    If you run under for the day they will pay you what you ran under , for instance if youre time says a 8.75 day and you ran it in 8 hrs you get paid that .75 as bonus . It sounds bett er than it is though. there are only a few drivers who can get bonus now A.E.(after EDD) . There is 1 driver in particular who B.E. was getting 3 hrs a day bonus , A.E. hes still getting 3 hrs a day . Needless to say hes a suck _ss!!! Its very unfair to the rest of the drivers. Every Monday and Friday there are always 2 to 3 less routes in. Managements says "volume is down"!!! The whole thing sucks and needs to go .Paying people when there done working , this isn't G.M.:lol:
  12. Ruralbrownman

    Ruralbrownman New Member

    hj2001 - go back in the achieves and check out the thread I started about voting out bonus. There is a lot of good posts in there.

    We are a bonus a center and the only guys who still make bonus are the guys who gives up their lunch and run all day or take the extra ride in the afternoon to pad the miles.If you are a good methods driver it is almost impossible to still make any bonus. I'm sure tieguy will dispute that , however , deep down , he knows it is true. We have a couple drivers who are good methods driver and have been running 1+ hour on a regular basis. They have had people from the district ride them and tell them their study is wrong , but there is nothing they can about it. Bonus only promotes cheating and bad methods. I wish we could get rid of it , but if it can down to a vote I think it would not pass.
  13. hj2001

    hj2001 New Member

    Thanx Ruralbrownman , gonna print them off to show to steward and BA , maybe some of these drivers wont be to worried about losing 5 minutes a week bonus!!! I have to admit , I made a $1.79 today on my check bonus. not sure what im gonna do with yet , thinking of buying a extra beer at happy hour , if i could ever make it before 7:00
  14. justjeff

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    I personally like working at a bonus center. I'm a cover driver, and the last two days for example, I took my whole lunch and bonused about an hour monday, and then an hour and a half tuesday. and got done at about the 8 hour mark both days. just sayin.
  15. 25yrvet

    25yrvet New Member

    Bone-us centers tend to be lacking in the service portion of our corp.
    Also with bone--us the drivers HAVE to recognise the company's time standards/allowance for each rt. Mgt to driver, "Ahh, Yeah, you're methods are good; we'll have to get ie here for a time study". It takes an act of congress to get a time study these days.

    Could a name change be coming from the ivory towers?? Change the name to United Parcel---- leave SERVICE out !
  16. VoiceOfReason

    VoiceOfReason Telling it like it is

    The old guys 25+ years in my center lament the fact that the bonus has gone away. These are all my volunteers for making late PU's and stuff and they readily admit to miliking it out there now.
  17. teamsterdan

    teamsterdan Member

    I don't work out of a "bone us" ctr. but if what "speeddemon" states; "But you see, thats discrimination on those who are older, or who cant go as fast as other people." is legit......(it's not, if you can't do the WORK, the JOB is not for you), for example, I'm not Brett Farve, therefore I'm NOT in the NFL....according to that logic I'm being discriminated against.............