Bottom seniority driver wondering about after peak

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  1. OptimusPrime

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    Obviously volume drops way off, etc. Trying to budget ahead and all. Is there a minimum number of hours I am entitled to? I assume not. And if say I am only getting a day or two(or less) can I request hub work? And just for clarification I am a FT driver, without a route. We go by the name "swing driver" in these parts. I add this because it seems some threads break down into semantics about "cover" driver vs FT non route driver.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You can get your hours on the inside when you are not driving.
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    I suppose it all depends. The volume will usually stay pretty high for roughly 2 months after peak, with people using all their newly acquired gift cards and returns/exchanges. So, for the first few months after the new year you SHOULD be okay. But, if they don't need you as a driver, they might opt to lay you off from driving, but they are still required to give you your 40 hours if that is what you request. When that happened to me I split shifts to get my 40 hours......but that was a pain in the butt, so I stopped and just worked the preload for a bit.
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    Read your local supplement specifically the section relating to seniority.

    In my area We only have FT cover driver and they are guaranteed 8 hours a day. Sometime after the first of the year some of the lowest seniority drivers get laid off . Those that haven't made top rate have the opportunity to work 1 PT shift and collect. Drivers that have made top rate are guaranteed 8 hr either on a FT inside job if they can bump someone or 2 4hr part shifts (preload / local sort) or they can collect.
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    Depends on whether you made top rate or are still in progression in my area.... Still in progression only guaranteed 4 hrs at top rate 8 hrs.
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    Depending on your center manager and the older drivers taking days off there will probably be work for you.
  7. Anonymous 10

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    What region are you in???
  8. CAFAL

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    Our management team here work it out pretty good. They offer days off to senior guys to open up work. I believe our supplement guarantees 8 hours to FT cover. They have to give you work one way or the other. Here you are also guaranteed driver pay
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    I'm in Indiana. Isn't that called "Central States"?
  10. OptimusPrime

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    My driver pay is the same as my hub rate, so that's not an issue. Though basically going two years without a raise will suck. Already past the first year raise, and just a tick under the second.
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    my thought exactly...if you're in an area that has snow and low temps., alot of higher seniority drivers will take days off at least that's how it worked in our building w/ over 200 routes dispatched daily
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    It's the central region. If you are in the same supplement you can displace two part timers and are guaranteed three and a half hours a shift. After thirty days you can bump the least senior full timer that you are qualified to do there job in the last 18 months. Your local might have another agreement in place so you should really call your business agent. It's a good idea to get familiar with him anyway. So give him a call and learn your rights from him.
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    When I first got laid off 5 years ago I tried working in the hub to get my 40 hours. I had to double shift and really bug management to allow me to get my 4 hours each shift. It was hell on earth. Then I realized I wasn't making my driver pay in the hub but an adjusted rate based on my seniority if I had stayed in part time. I said ":censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: THIS" and just went broke for a months until I went driving again.