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We having a MMA thread and thank you @Wrong for pretty much keeping that going.

I thought I'd start a Boxing thread for fights. I don't watch as many as I used to because let's face it, there're way to many weight classes. :)

Pacquiao vs Thurman
Anyone watching?


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Going underdog. Go Pac Man

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My favorite Mayweather fight. Shows every aspect of floyd’s skill early in his career, after a long lay off, against a game fighter with no quit in him.

Floyd breaks his right hand and begins putting on Roy Jones Jr level of left hooks before the guy’s corner man finally throws in the towel.

Floyd will always be the goat in my eyes, even compared to Sugar Ray.

He just absolutely schooled everyone in his old age.

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Tyson in his prime was the best boxer I ever saw. Kept blowing money on all his PPV fights. HATED it back then. Now? It was worth it to witness greatness.