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    Hey everyone im new on this forum and have a question and wanted to see if you guys could help... well i've been at UPS for about 7 months now, i love the job and was lucky to get the boxline position. At our hub we have 4 boxlines and 1 person for each line. We are quick and effective and usually finish about 1 hour after the unload finishes (but of course get hit hard some days).

    Now one of our boxliners is out for 4-6 weeks on disability. My supervisor requested a new hire or replacement for the 4 weeks but HR denied him. So we have gone from quick and effective to slow and pathetic. But now to top this off we found out that one of our other boxliners is going to be promoted to a supervisor as soon as our other comes off of disability.

    Is there anything that we can do? or are we stuck...?

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    Just do the best you can do and everything else will come out in the wash. :happy2:
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    So you have 3 people for 4 slides? Sounds like more of a scheme for your supervbisors to boost their numbers if anything. I highly doubt HR said they would not get a 4th person for the 4th slide. That sounds like a supervisor lying to you.

    First thing to do is make sure they are not sneaking around doing union work while you are short-handed. If they are, which will likely happen as that is the plan, file a grievances or let a steward know about it. That is what they do in our building - cheat and steal - cut people (volutnary layoffs) then do the union work to make their numbers look good.

    Also, you are new, and maybe don't understand any of what I'm telling you. The point is, supervisors are not supposed to do union work and this sounds like a scheme by your management team to one-up the system.
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    Haha yes but the funny thing is ive been through this already, the other guys i work with filed a grievance on him the first month i was hired for doing union work. And his supervisor actually told me we got denied and i also visited HR and they said were doing fine. But we used to work about 3 to 3 1/2 hours,.. now were up to 4 to 5 hours, dont get me wrong the moneys great but its crazy how everywhere else in the building everyone half-a**es their work and and their hiring extra help and we have to bust our asses more and more. I feel like were getting treated more unfairly. Maybe i should talk to a steward?
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    why are you remaining 3 busting your ass more and more? work one steady, safe pace. you are falling into the "work harder" trap that sups will push. suck up the 5 hours, hell try to get OT if you can (though im sure they would force you out before that).

    Do not let UPS bully you. They want to violate you in every way possible and then smile at you and tell you otherwise. If you aren't cheating you aren't trying. That is UPS's motto

    There is not much a steward can do for you if they are not breaking the contract. But If you see a sup working, either file on it or leave your boxline and get a steward to witness it and have them file. If that steward doesn't make anything happen, then get another or talk to a BA. Grieving supervisors working are utmost importance. If those grievances aren't being seen or heard, then there is a big problem with your union representation.
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    I needed a laugh today!:peaceful:
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    sleeve you gonna be there to save him when they fire him for an intentional work slow down? Does not sound like anyone is pressuring the guy to work faster they're just not getting anyone to replace the disability. Sounds like the guy would prefer working less hours not more.
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    Yea, i do enjoy the extra hours but im a college student as well so the extra hours are good and suck as well.. just trying to see what i could do but i guess there not really anything to do.
  9. UnsurePost

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    Why come on here and lie?

    The contract says A fair days work for a fair days pay. He has 7 months in and knows that you do not have to work harder any one day to another day.

    There is no slowing down that I mentioned. THE THREAD author said he was working "more and more". This can lead to fatigue, injuries and safety concerns. Especially as the temeratures rise and heat fatigue can result.

    I did mention "working steadily", which you will have to admit is "a fair days work for a fair days pay". Tie, that is some serious trolling...
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    It is a bad place to work when you are looking for a supervisor, anyone, to help because you don't to work for more than 4 hours. lmao
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    Who did you just accuse of lying? You just gave the guy the standard crap house lawyer routine. He says he is busting his but. That may be his fair days work for a fair days pay. You don't know. You told him to he needs to slow down and not work as hard.You don't know if he needs to slow down or not.You don't know what he is doing. If he misunderstands your instructions and goes in and starts walking around like some drug induced zombie he's going to catch some serious grief. Thus my question are you going to save the guy when he does? Don't play cute with me on this one. The contract says fair days work for fair days pay. That is a very vague term. UPS on the other hand will say the guy was loading 600 packages an hour , suddenly came in and started loading half that and told them he was slowing down and not working as hard anymore. Thus my question will you save him when they fire him for an intentional slow down. You have to watch this vague advice crap you give on the internet. you will get the guy fired and then give him the "sorry bout your luck bro" speech which won't help much.

    If you're going to give the guy pointers on how to work like a stif then at least give him the full course so he does not get himself fired.
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    What state are you in? That just doesn't sound like enough people, for jersey anyway?
  13. UnsurePost

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    see the bolded part? a lie or complete misrepresentation of what I said. I am not reading the rest.

    having said that, they should eventually either see sups working or get the 4th and necessary body for the 4th slide. There is no reason for anyone to increase their speed or work above their normal "best of ability" pace they have demonstrated.
  14. tieguy

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    you can deny the wording but looking at your overall advice the picture gets pretty clear. I like the part about leaving your boxline to go find a shop steward. another jewel that could get the guy fired.
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    Watch your supervisors and file if they are working. We don't have a boxline, but have cut down on people on our local sort. We can't make pull times now because they won't staff enough people. I've filed 2 grievances this week for supervisors working and I smell more on the way.
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    hey guys i appreciate the help but i didn't mean for everyone to get fired up.. its just a little problem, all in all i feel its more or less unfair and a crappy chain of events for my situation. Im still going to keep an eye on my sup and check in with HR every once and a while.. maybe if i get under their skin a lil they'll budge and get us a little help. (BTW they 2 other guys i work with have been their 22 years and 13 years and they as well feel its very unfair to us)
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    good luck with that.
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    Don't worry about it ... with these guys, "Good morning" will do it! :wink2:
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    I don't see how bothering HR is goign to help you. What you need to do is work safely, file a grievance if management works, and in general not worry about how preload staffs your shift. They want one less body on the books.

    Perhaps you can get on the transfer list in your hub/building to be moved to the primary or outbounds; if you don't want so many hours?
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    he's not slowing down intentionally.... he is realizing he was working unsafely and he is now working in a safe manner!!! :happy2: SAFETY FIRST!!!!!