Bring it DeSantis, give em some high heat


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not so fast, ronald;

I'm shocked that New York Times reporters would say anything negative about DeSantis. Shocked! Monday afternoon the storm was supposed to hit up in the Big Bend region of North Florida which is sparsely populated compared to further south. These guys aren't psychics. They rely on forecast models to make decisions. And sometimes the models are wrong.

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not so fast, ronald;

I’m not buying it. If it makes you feel better to have something to ding DeSantis on, good for you. What a pathetic life you lead. For days before that, they were announcing that anywhere on the West coast of Florida could be hit by that hurricane with possible storm surges. If those people waited around for the local government to tell them when to leave, that’s on them.


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Ya'll please note the Reps from Florida voted against help for their constituents . Tell me again how bad the mean scary Demonrats are


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My personal favorite bible story is the one where Jesus votes against disaster aid for his own constituents and then goes on twitter to blame Biden for not getting it done.


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"The program was conceived as a means for Florida to push back on the number of unauthorized migrants being flown into the state by the federal government. As of August, Mr. DeSantis said the funds had yet to be used, because the additional large groups of migrants that had been expected had failed to materialize."


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The local media has reported that the last of the Martha's Vineyard migrants has left Joint Base Cape Cod.
Several have moved out of state or received housing thru charity groups.

Funny how all this housing just appeared while our own poor citizens can't find any.