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  1. 705 cach

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    At Cach, since ups opened the building, drivers were allowed to wear BHJ (brown hooded jackets non-ups issue).Is this an issue at other places or just CACH ? Now they pull u in office and give u the BUSINESS. Next will be crabbing about over allowed?
  2. ikoi62

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    well its not part of the uniform they issue so the can do what they want....your on their time.
    plus its most likely the in thing to bitch a couple weeks it will be overtime..
  3. Baba gounj

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    When the weather turns really cold, no one complains about what color pullover you wear as long as the outer jacket is brown
  4. VTBrown

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    Why can't you guys just wear the proper uniform? It's written in the contract that we have to adhere to their uniform standards. We can't complain about contract violations if we ourselves do not follow it.

    So whats the issue?
  5. over9five

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    Sounds like the issue is warmth and comfort.....
  6. VTBrown

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    How do you figure? You can wear any layer under the coats you want as long as they do not show or are brown or white. Under Armour makes wonderful cold weather gear if thats your beef - in brown.

    Trust me - the bomber jacket included with the wind breaker/rain coat outer is PLENTY warm enough with just a t-shirt on under it.

    Wearing a non-UPS brown coat with a hood is a non-issue - you just don't do it. It's not part of the uniform nor does the contract say you can - it's says the opposite.

    You guys cry and complain about runners not following the contract yet...on this issue it's fine for the driver to follow his personal preference?
  7. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I think your tie is too tight.

    I don't recall "crying and complaining".

    You want to know the TRUTH about this? No one cares. Not one customer out there cares if we wear a hooded pull-over. Not one customer cares if we wear white sneakers or tan work boots. Some customers actually like it when I wear my red Santa hat, but they really just care about receiving their package, NOT what the delivery boy is wearing.

    UPS puts SOOOOOO much effort into this non-issue. If only they'd put that effort into fixing PAS, or safety, or employee retention, OR SALES!!!! How 'bout putting some effort into volume developement?? Forget sales leads, lets get those guys in the brown pull-overs!
  8. VTBrown

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    Your wrong......completely one hundred percent wrong.

    Ever look at the Airborne now DHL, RPS and now FedEx ground guys.

    Most look like freaken slobs. That is what UPS is trying to avoid.

    I've had many customers make those same comments to me about them.
  9. crazygill

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    Never has a day gone by that someone in the ups manager class has not pulled something out of their ---- to try to make our live a hard as they can,not to much brain power being used. like the person said befor put it on when you hit the road.
  10. BigBrownSanta

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    Not to throw off the VT/9.5 feud, but does anyone know ups's policy on wearing raincoats?
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree with VT. It is not that difficult of a concept that we need to follow established guidance and wear the uniform which is provided for us. They don't care what you wear under that as long as it is not visible. I also have had customers comment on our appearance as opposed to other carriers. Is it petty--probably, but bitching about it is even more petty. We all need to remember that employment at UPS is not indentured servitude and that if you are unhappy the door is always open and there are hundreds on the other side who would eagerly take your place, especially where I live. There aren't too many jobs that pay upward of $80K plus benefits for package car and $100K plus benefits for feeders in this area so I "brown up" with plenty of layers under the uniform.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    In regard to raincoats, they used to issue them a long time ago but now they are only available online. I bought one when I was first hired (1989) for about $45 and have had it since. As with all of the other uniform items, they are looking for the logo to be displayed.
  13. jlphotog

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    Around here where it gets to be -40 a blind eye is turned to what we are wearing as long as the UPS brown and logo are front and center. Staying warm is the main thing. It's tough to find a brown turtle neck, so I wear a beige one. Yes i could wear white, but I have issues with that.

    "Trust me - the bomber jacket included with the wind breaker/rain coat outer is PLENTY warm enough with just a t-shirt on under it."

    Maybe where your are but not around here. I wear a turtle neck, UPS long sleeve shirt, a fleece, the UPS vest, and the UPS Jacket. That keeps my torso warm. My legs are covered by UPS pants and under them a pair of fleece long johns. My feet have a pair of -40 boots and depending on how cold it is one or two pairs of -30 socks on them. My hands, well thats a problem. I have a pair of 100 gram thinsulate gloves over top of glove liners and on the really cold days those hand warmer things are in there as well. On the head is a brown, non UPS issued toque.
  14. thebrown_clown

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    at our center we have the same thing some people get away with wearing non-issued clothing while others get (talked) too. i gave in and just wear what they give us, its not that hard, i belive some people just want to be diffrent, imo if you wanna be diffrent go find another job just like someone else suggested. when some of our people got the ole talking to about the hoodies, they came back at the sups with wheres your name tag? according to a few ,managment is always suppose to wear name tags.
  15. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    There may be another side to this debate under the homeland security act. I'm trying to find the language but I believe homeland security has laws out now requiring the uniforms be clearly displayed and requiring we control the uniforms. Anyone notice you can't buy the brown sweaters through cintas anymore?I believe the homeland security laws had something to do with it. Again searching to see what the law says.
  16. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    Some things are even discretionary to the managers. I walk by my DM eveyrday with my shirt untucked, wearing a Eddie Bauer Windcutter Fleece, as well as sneakers. Never a word is said. I think to them as llong as the customers don't complain and we get our job done and the numbers look good, then why bother.
  17. ups79

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    If you are looking for one, I have the ups logoed raincoat I was able to purchase with the points system they offered for leads. How's $55.00 sound.
  18. VTBrown

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    No Tie - it had more to do with:

    Those were authorized UPS uniforms that UPS had legal control over. We could Ebay them with no repercussions.

    Think UPS wanted authorized uniforms available to the general public?
  19. VTBrown

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    I assumed you were wearing them as the outer coat. My mistake.

    That being said - why not get a hoodless one? I for one do not like wearing hoods - way to constrictive to head movement and peripheral vision.
  20. VTBrown

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    We were told by our BA that if they don't provide you one when asked - to wear what you like.

    Though the new Cintas outercoats are pretty much raincoats now.