Building shut down for leaking/fuming hazmat

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by undies, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. undies

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    This morning at about 945 the emergency evacuation alarm went off and the building was evacuated. Apparently there was a hazmat that was leaking/fuming yellow smoke and was corrosive? I heard 2 drivers got sick. Luckily most routes were out but about 6 in my center. All the volume ended up being dead and they sent the drivers out as helpers. I'm scared for Monday.
  2. 104Feeder

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    Glad they evacuated. They let a mercury spill go down the belts once in Phoenix and a lot of stuff had to be destroyed including the clothes people were wearing.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    You should be scared, that pressure is coming ten fold, like after a strike.
  4. Leftinbuilding

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    Had that happen in our building once. An unknown blue powdery substance was spread through out the bldg during preload. They stopped everything, evacuated the bldg and then called an outside hazmat contractor to power wash every inch of the building. All the drivers were just standing around outside until we got the "all clear" about 2:30, 3:00 PM. The next day was a real adventure.....
  5. Returntosender

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    We had similar situation paint buckets not mercury.
  6. 104Feeder

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    At the apartments next to the building I started in these people found mercury in the dumpster, from a broken thermometer I guess, and they were playing with it inside. They put it in squirt guns and were shooting it at each other & just having a grand old time. They found toxic levels in everything even the pasta they were going to have for dinner. They ended up gutting the whole apartment, walls and everything. How would you like to rent that one? I guess the mercury probably made them stupider than they already were but I never heard about what happened to the people. I suppose one of them made their way into UPS Management......
  7. working up a sweat

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    I took the Hazmat responder class. Mercury is out of our league. Decision Tree says call PE and they call outside help.
  8. Dragon

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    I suppose one of them made their way into UPS Management......

  9. 104Feeder

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    Somebody doesn't have a sense of humor.
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    We had a box start leaking red stuff and it got everywhere and people were freaking out but it was paint lol
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    I miss all the Mona-Vie boxes that got loaded onto trucks leaking all over the shelves.
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    I guess he (and I) is (are) still waiting to read something humorous.