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    I am having new bullfrog scanners incorporated into my area of operation on the 18th of this month. Does anyone management/hourly, have any experience in working with an automated small sort? I have yet to receive the new OJS with the control station functions included. If any of you know about these scanners let me know. I'm just looking for some insight into these things from anyone who has experience with them.
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    I am a little confused by your questions. I have not heard of a 'Bullfrog Scanner'. Do you have a Bullfrog (Automated sorter) with scanners for the 'exception' packages that are being upgraded that you are referring to? Also, OJS to me means On Job Supervision. Are you talking about an HMI (Human Machine Interface) that gives you the operating statistics? I have some experience with automation and may be able to answer if you can clarify.
  3. RogerThat

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    I was confused at first. It will not be the bullfrog such as what CACH is operating with. We are implementing smart scanners that will tell the sorter which bin to place the package in. The new OJS is suppose to have functions for the control station or HMI as you have stated. By OJS I mean the long paper of crap you have to remember ex...

    efficient start shift routine

    gather and position load aid/supplies ready and available
    wasted time/more effort required
    load stand
    load retainer
    check chart... and so on.
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    What you may be referring to is Next Generation Small Sort (NGSS). It is an 'automated' adaption to conventional small sorts. In short, a camera and light bars are installed on the sorter side of the C-Bin. The sorter holds the smart label under the camera then lights illuminate around the bin the package is to be sorted to. The sorter uses a keypad to indicate to the bagger when a bin is full. The Bagger then empties the bin and 'closes' the bag on his/her keypad. The scans are logical in that if the sorter loaded it and it is in the bag that the bagger closed it is scanned. Greatly improves bagger productivity as they are not scanning every package. Does not impact sorter productivity compared to MSD. Has shown very good results in both misload and production where it has been installed.

    If you want to PM, or post in this thread, your building I can tell you if your building is scheduled for NGSS.

    As for the methods/OJS, that information is available. Your IE Department should be able to provide.

    HMIs will also be installed that give real time information on operational statistics for each sorter and bagger.
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    WORMA hub?
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    We have a new type of scanner in our smallsort, you lay the package on the belt label down and the scanner reads it and a few feet away down the belt the pas label is shot down on the package by a small burst of air. then a few feet further the letters and bags are put in totes and sent down the belt.bigger packages just continue down the belt to the sorter.
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    Make sure you are aware of the dangers of an automated system!! Use designated pathways, and use common sense at all times. There was a guy that got his leg severed at CACH, cause he went where he was NOT supposed to be when the bullfrog was in operation.