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    During the summer months, I am sometimes bumped off of my local sort position by a cover driver without a route. I am a seniority employee, and feel that i should not have to call everyday to see if i am working. The contract states that the schedule must be posted with start times the friday before the week being indicated. Do i have a valid argument or not?
    1. What region are you in?
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    Laid off FT workers displace the least seniority PT providing the FT worker has more company seniority. You have the right to bump another PT junior seniority employee. You can't pick and choose which job or person you can bump.
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    I know here in the Central if you are PT and are laid off for a week or more you can bump any junior part timer from a different sort provided you have the seniority.
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    Are you last on the list? Only way you are displaced. No one lower then you,?
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    Should be guaranteed 3.5 per your supplement. However, a full time cover driver will more seniority than you and is guaranteed 8 hours. Without a route for the day, the cover driver must work the local sort and preload unless otherwise told to do something else. At least that's how it works here.