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  1. toughnups

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    Does anyone know what the requirements are to become a business agent? I have a friend who is not in the union, but would be great for this position. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dustyroads

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    You don't start out at the top in anything in this life. I'd say his first move would be to join the union and put some time in. Union membership would DEFINITELY be a requisite.

    How can I say this, it would be like someone wanting to become center manager when they had never worked in a UPS building.
  3. bad company

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    You have to be able to spell "Qualification".
  4. cino321

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  5. toughnups

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    Dusty....thanks for the reply. I know its difficult to start at the top, but out current BA is totally a company puppet. I know that my friend is very articulate and would defend us very well. He has a good knowledge of the union and the company. I just wanted to give him some solid advise as to how to run for the position and hopefully get elected to the job. Our local pays the BA 70,000 gives her a car and an expense account. I think she is way too underqualified for this job!
  6. dannyboy

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    I would suggest that there is an issue of not being in the union, and running for ba, no matter how qualified you think he might be.

    in my opinion

    1 be a dues paying union member at ups for at least 5 years. experience elsewhere is nice, but ups has its unique issues

    2 have been a shop steward for at least 3 years

    3 display a very good working knowledge of the contract

    4 have the people skills to not only handle the job, but to excel at it

    5 have a deep desire to represent those people that come to him for help, not just the innocent ones, but the guilty as well, and to represent each one on their own merits.

    6 a person that is not swayed by politics, but puts the members of his union above personal gain, both at the company and at the union. he will serve every employee equally, regardless of his personal feelings in the case.

    7 that he is financially responsible with the locals finances

    8 and most importantly, he would need to show that he is trustworthy beyond reproach.

    I would begin with the above 8. there are also others i am sure, and others will add them as well. but these are a good starting point.

    remember, there are too many ba's that end up going into management. and without fail, 100% of those that I have seen have become the worst nightmare sups i have ever worked under. you would really have to search hard to find bigger liars, cheats, dishonest bastards at ups. all they seem to want to do is make a name for themselves at the expense of their former "employers".

    just my experience

  7. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    You absolutely must be a dues paying member. Why is your friend not in the Union? What does he do at UPS and how long has he been there? Does he think anyone would vote for a scab for a position on the board of a local Union?
  8. toughnups

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    grgrcr88...He doesnt work for ups. I', sure he would pay union dues and do any other thing for the cause.
  9. 705red

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    Read your bylaws!
  10. Cezanne

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    And kiss alot of babies.:peaceful:
  11. raceanoncr

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    Wait for Business Agent School intent list to go up in any package, frieght, flight attendant, county worker, any area of employ that Teamsters have a hand in, sign Business Agent School intent list, wait for any or all senior employees to sign Business Agent School list, wait for all those senior employees who signed Business Agent School list to drop out of Business Agent School because they just found out they'll have to work nights and weekends, wait for 6-1 process to be fulfilled, watch as Business Agent Managers hire Business Agent off the street, wait a few more years until you have enough seniority to sign Business Agent School intent list again and finally get called, complete Business Agent School, get hired on as Business Agent, work nights and weekends, buy new clothes at Goodwill because your old ones will not fit, develop reputation as having not done a thing for rank and file, start getting blood pressure problems because your job is in jeopardy, start hearing rumors of someone posting on a UPS forum board that you are a worthless piece of crap and need replacing, start wondering what you would do if you lose this job because now you are completly out of touch with the real world and are completly out of shape, watch as the rank and file get increasingly mad at you and threaten to take your job, sit back and watch as nobody wants to step up and sign the new Business Agent School intent list, keep your job for the next 20 years because nobody can put their money where their mouth is.
  12. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Feel better?:surprised:
  13. toughnups

    toughnups New Member

    raceanoncr....seems like some of you guys use this site as comedy relief. I had a legitimate question and you treated it like a joke. disappointing......
  14. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    I might also add one other qualification. that is not to be angered quickly and easily.

    there is nothing that ups management enjoys doing more than pulling someones ripcord to watch what happens. and when you end up "going off" they win.

    there is a time for anger, and when used well, it is an asset. but too many times the battle is lost without ever getting a shot in.

    oh, and did I mention that he would absolutely need to be a steward for at least 3 years before running for ba?

    race, we had a ba like that. sweet heart deals with the company for his posse, and everybody else gets screwed. he tried to bankrupt the local after he lost. they shoulda brought him up on charges, but he was too well connected in the national teamsters.......i guess he told them that if he went down, so would a bunch of them.

    the ba we have now is nothing short of super.

  15. raceanoncr

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    Comic relief? Uh, well, maybe, YES! After a post like this?

    You post that this guy is NOT in the (presumably, Teamsters) union but, yet, he's make a GREAT BA? That's kinda like me never been in politics but would make GREAT president of the USA! I can answer a RED phone and press an A-bomb button! That qualifies me, right?

    Look, there are UPS people on here from 50 US states plus countless others around the world (thanks to Cheryl). You've got countless others on here that aren't even employees of UPS, customers, relatives, etc. You ask a question like this and expect to get the answer that you want? You expect to get a well-researched, legal, local, correct answer that is gonna completely satisfy all your questions regarding this issue? Common!!!

    You gotta expect some smartass goofballs like me running with this!

    You want a legally, correct, contractually (if such) binding answer, don't ask here. You're gonna get answers based on experience, locale, contracts, preference. Get it? This site ain't OFFICIAL! It's a FORUM!

    Geez, tell your friend to, at least, JOIN a union, at this point, ANY UNION! Then GO for it! That the answer you want?

    Man, sorry for being cynical, but what do you expect?
  16. toughnups

    toughnups New Member

    raceanoncr...I appreciate the apology. I guess I was a little frustrated by some of the totally inappropriate comments that some of you have left on here.
    First of all, I believe that I told you I was looking for some information on how this person would become a BA. I understand that I gave you none of his background, work experience or education......but comparing a BA to the president of the United States? Cmon.....THAT is totally laughable.
    I did not expect "a well researched legal,local...correct answer that is gonna completly satisify all your answers regarding this issue." My hope was that I could get some guidance on how I can help this person possibly represent my local. The last time I checked, it is more important to have a heart and soul and passion when you represent someone than merely be a "union stamped" representative. I guess it comes down to this, if you had a chance to have the late Johnnie Cochran to be your BA even though he has never been in the union, wouldn't you want him??? Once again, I wasn't lookin for a fight, I was just hoping that someone on here could give me some ideas or guidance based on their personal experiences that they would like to share with me. The BA that we have representing us right now is useless and she is totally incompetent. Thanks for your time.:happy2:
  17. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    amen brother!!!
  18. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Your friend will not ever be a business agent for the teamsters union. You must be a member in good standing before you can even think about it, and you need lots of experience with labor relations and contract negotiations before you are even close to being qualified.
  19. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Have you ever been to a meeting or a grievance heering or a grievance panel or a contract negotiation or a membership drive or any other Union function with your agent. You people that come on here and badmouth your representation, should walk a mile in their shoes before you run your damn mouth!!!
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