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I barely ever post or read here. I broke my foot last year so I posted a lot due to extreme boredom. Guys, guys, I even lost my UPS tan. I was white like Elmer's glue even on my left leg! :censored2: I gained 20 pounds! All day my wife was telling me about the sales on meat at the grocery store and I couldn't even watch the thots in those new new shorts so short half the girls behind is saying hi.

I did get to spend a lot of time with my kids though

But hey I didn't see this :::

(OK I was going to post a screen shot at imagur but now for some weird reason I just can't log in to share the memes)



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Hey there! My name is caroline, i'm with buzzfeed news. I saw you were posting stuff about how dangerous Amazon drivers are... can we talk? [email protected]. thanks"

Hmm buzz feed N E W S? I may be many things, maybe even one of those things is a bad thing, but I do know this. Everything the government says is true. So here is my chance my fellow boys! I can tell a reporterette about something, like a famous rapper.

Caroline, email me back, you'll never hear a flow like this tiger


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Weird . She called me about my pride thread as well .

Let's have a struggle session. Did you see an Amazon driver making ten bucks an hour who hasn't shaved in two weeks driving the wrong way down a one way street? But hey at least he's driving on the shoulder.

Don't worry buzz feed soon Orion will have me doing the same thing. Fewer miles means more money (for my owners) yip yip