CAE 2nd Day air and Pilots agreement

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    Heard from upper mgt that CAE 2nd day air will end. Also Pilots have tenative agreement on their cause to save jobs, but we need info on what UPS has laid on the table. UPS is overstaffed and will either pay people to play golf and cut pay or keep top pay and furlough the bottom guys. The rumor about RFD 2nd Day is again big. Can UPS provide only NDA and let FDX have 2nd day monopoly. We have all wondered for years why UPS has stepped over a dollar to pick up a penny and it has come to be. We have all tried to help UPS with ideas and ways to increase productivity but mgt never would listen. Many have tried to give "professional help" but mgt would just scoff at money saving, time saving and money saving ideas.
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    I'm sorry that there is the potential for lay-offs.

    Do you think that it might be possible that we are moving a lot more of this stuff ground and that's one of the many reasons that the regional air services are being moved back to SDF?

    As far the 2-Day Market, keep in mind that UPS has more service offerings than FedEx, 2 Day AM and 2 Day. Don't expect this to change anytime soon. As far as who is winning the deferred air services right now, I think you should re-check the market share reports.

    Unfortunately another reason for these changes is the trade-down that we are experiencing with customer's realizing that it just doesn't have to be there the next day. Even with the sharp decline in fuel surcharges, Ground sometimes is still good enough and a lot cheaper. When the economy does turn around, don't expect shipping habits to change anytime soon.
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    Isnt there already 5 threads on this subject? :dissapointed:
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    Yes and airbus started all of them. :happy-very:
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    Should it go under feeder boss has runaway or best bluetooth headset or cintas has only brown shirts? What about the FDX lawsuit on most reliable, guess it should be under norman black says UPS tells story and pulls the plug on ad? Should norman put out a press release that states "UPS in the second most reliable" and then you can put it in the driver shoots dog or pt sup pay or mgt dates hourly?
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    Or on the stock page FDX 55 UPS 52?
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    You've created 4 or 5 different threads regarding the same subject....We dont need to see different 5 different threads pertaining to the same subject
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    How about just adding it to one of the already existing threads that you have already started? The info may be new, but it's still the same subject.
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    The pilots having a new agreement is an old thread? The last pilot article was in 07 sorry I dont have time to go back 2 years. The CAE was announced at EWR on Friday. I guess I will just not post here from issues on the mechanics and pilots boards, they only address airline issues and since no one here has any stake in that part of the company it is just useless info. The lawsuit that FDX was settled Friday and the thread went from "the issue" to a 97 video shown on the mechanics and pilots site years ago, now that thread should have not been posted on that issue. Norman Black does not have his own thread so it should have not brought up. Sorry but mgt runs this board and threads just like at work.
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    The latest is ONT and DSM will have 2DA cutbacks on the next bid period. How many people will be run off due to this latest move?