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A lot of the posts on here are negative to UPS, so I thought I would add one more.
I recently had a call tag issued by a company to have a defective item returned to them. The call tag was issued with the expectation that UPS would be here on Monday - Feb 19th. Being home all day - the UPS driver never came by or left a service notice.

On Tuesday, the doorbell rang and my friendly UPS driver was at the door with my call tag. I handed him the package, he applied the call tag, handed me the receipt and asked me to throw away his part of the call tag. I happily obliged, as he's a nice guy and not bad on the eyes.

As I was walking to the trash, I looked at the back of his call tag, and saw that NR 1 on 2-19 and thought to myself how odd.

As you all may know, you can simply fill out a form via with any concern. Knowing how service issues are taken so seriously at UPS by drivers and management, it crossed my mind to do so. But I let it go, as people are human, but did find this to be somewhat of an integrity issue on some driver from the center.


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He probably missed it because the :censored2: PAS system won't put call tags in EDD half the time. If it's not in my EDD and I happen to miss it too bad. This thing needs to be fixed!


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Maybe he thinks your not bad on the eyes also and was trying to catch you alone? Is it possible he was looking for that opportunity to tell you how good your hair looks or compliment you on your smile? Think about it ....... He gave you a piece of paper with ni1x219----translation its his phone number


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"They will tell you to void it and sheet as NR1."

And you will say, "No, I won't. And we will take this up with the DM tomorrow".

Take a stand. Act ethically.


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Chan-Everybody overlooked the obvious. Quite possible it was someone covering the route or that part of the route that didn't make the attempt as Mondays are usually a day when a lot of routes get broken out because of lower volume.


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Wily makes a good point, for some reason my Cover Driver doesn't understand that our customer paid us to make a pickup attempt a certain day. A Call Tag or RS is a paid package, if no attempt is made, it is a Missed, a Service Failure. And EDD does list them, if you don't have the label when you leave the Center in the morning, you can still pick up the package and apply the Label when you get in that night. What's that old saying? "Service is all we have to sell".


they often forget to give us the rs labels.they show up as oncalls with the note "tag at center"
but they send the 13 digit tr# in case the customer asks
oftimes going 3 miles out of your way for a defective cell phone at 18:29 on a Friday night


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Wiley, Scratch and DS you all make good points as to what can go wrong.
Maybe President's Day?
But whoever the driver was should not have noted NR1. Would have been better off, not noting anything on the call tag. The drivers do not know that I use to work for UPS, nor do they need to know. It was just an observation on my part.


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Is it possible that a cover driver could have went to the wrong address? I get plenty of call tags not listed in my EDD also, could the driver have been rushed because he/she was taken advantage of with the amount of work, looked quickly at the minuscule font for addresses on call tags, went to the wrong house, and have asked a kid home from school if there was a package being returned? The kid would have no idea, hence Not Ready 1.


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BnB - only house in the subdivision at this time
Even had to go to the post office to tell them I moved in to ensure I got my mail. Thanks for your input, I know things like that can happen.


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And EDD does list them, if you don't have the label when you leave the Center in the morning, you can still pick up the package and apply the Label when you get in that night. What's that old saying? "Service is all we have to sell".

I hear you on the cover driver thing. I'm a cover driver and it burns me up when I run a split off of another route and have call tags in my EDD but were already picked up but not signed off in the log by the other cover driver. I know a couple of cover drivers in my zip that do that and it annoys the heck out of me when I go to a stop with a call tag in my EDD, only to be told that the package was picked up yesterday.

I won't run One Time PUs that aren't in my EDD without calling the center first as sometimes a payment is required from the customer to pick up the package and I don't need a COD Discrepency hanging over me.
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Here's what I think. The original poster is pulling our leg. This person was not a recipient of a call tag service. He or she worked at UPS in the past and knows first hand that some unscrupulous drivers will sheet call tags as NR1 if they missed it first time around and its miles (2+bucks per gallon) out of the way to make another attempt for something that really is not that important (a returned piece of underwear) and is just trying to get a rise out of us posters to see our responses.

I know the company is about service, but there comes a time when providing that service is just not profitable. This is where the company should draw the line and not bend for a single residential customer's request for a 4th delivery attempt and the like.

Like Over9Five said, just sheet it as missed. The center should have more problems to worry about than a missed call-tag.

Personally, as a cover driver if I have a call tag that is not in my EDD, I just throw it in the trash. I'm kidding of course but I know of drivers that have done that.


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He didn't lie. He recorded it as NR1---not ready. He wasn't ready to pick it up.

I'm surprised this one didn't even get a response. Too funny. For those that missed it:

"Did ya see that hawk after those hens? He scared 'em! That Rhode Island Red turned white, then blue. Rhode Island, red white and blue! That's a joke, son, a flag-waver! You're built too low. The fast ones go over your head. Ya got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin' 'em and you keep missin' 'em! Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball! Eye. Ball. Eyeball! I almost had a gag, son--a joke, that is!"
--Foghorn Leghorn

NR1... better than NI1 because you don't need to scan a delivery notice. Also easier to disprove because it means the driver had to talk to you to find out it wasn't ready. Granted, not a huge deal in the dishonesty department, but it very well might be just the tip of the iceburg for this driver. I've seen drivers fired for similar tactics to get off early. They get away with cutting corners and the supes love their numbers, until someone calls in.

I wouldn't call because if the guy is into bigtime dishonesty, it will catch up eventually. If it isn't the norm for this guy, I just cut him a break. Maybe he's sweatin' it right now, wondering if someone is going to call. I agree it's an integrity issue, I just don't see it as something important enough to make a federal case out of. And likewise, I don't run to the payphone to call corporate everytime management bends the rules so they can keep their jobs. I save my dime for bigger molehills.