Lazy driver won’t bring own pickups back to building


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I suppose you never know how late you’re going to be out. I hit top rate last month, started seeing the difference on my paychecks and figured I just might help out when I get done. If I plan on being out late I’ll drop my pick up volume as well. I think this is likely what the old timer is doing. Good for him, get that money.


Sorry, but I don’t care.
Look who's talking


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A driver in my center drops anything he picks up during the day, whether it be walk-up pickups or call tag packages, at the pickup locations on my route everyday, even stuffs them in dropboxes so he doesn’t bring anything of his back to building. Is this fine?
Sounds like every driver at my building


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Some questions for you.
Do you take your full REQUIRED breaks?

Do you make your own pickups during the required time windows?

Do you follow ORION as close to 100% as safely possible?

So you drive the speed limit and come to complete stops at stop signs?

Do you walk each stop instead of running?

If you can answer yes to all of those then there’s nothing you can do to fix the problem aside from getting on, and enforcing, the 9.5 list. If no then you need to do all of those.
great post.

In the old days we had better ways of handling lazy drivers.......