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    I called in sick this morning. The sup said "You need to come in today, we have a 1/2 route after preload for you, we always work sick" and then wanted to give him a list of symptoms so he can write them down and give it to the center manager.

    I already told him when I first called, but since he was being a jerk, this time I said I don't have to tell him anything. Well he got ticked off and said we're going to have a meeting with the union rep when I get back for not telling him my symptoms.

    In the past 1/2 year or so, I called off 3 times counting today. Once was for getting wisdom teeth pulled (which they knew of in advance). Never late, and have 1 opt day.

    I know I can't get pinched for not telling him what's wrong with me, but can they get me for attendance? There's not really anything in the contract book, so I figured I'd ask you guys. I'm in Pittsburgh if that helps.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nothin to worry about if your union is good they'll laugh it off...Theyre not doctors so they cant diagnose anything
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    If I was you, (and after that phonecall), - I would cover my ass and get a doctors note for today.
    Then, you are 100% sure, they can't touch you.
  4. UPS Lifer

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    My guess is that the person who called you is going to have to do the route and is pretty P O ed about it. He may cool down by tomorrow but that is neither here nor there.

    Something to remember - Progressive disciplinary action. They have to start with a t/w or warning depending on the circumstance and the local. When it comes to attendance, just about every area of the country starts with a t/w not counting no call / no show.

    Also remember that the shop steward is there for you. Make sure the steward does his/her job. Find out the guidelines for disciplinary action on attendance.

    What a shame that your supervisor resorts to threats to get you to come to work. Some of the other supervisors who read this should take heed. You lose a lot of respect from people who work for you when you threaten them. ... and threatening them on the phone when they are off the clock..... let your steward chew on that for awhile.
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    Once again, Lifer gives the correct answer.
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    He does not need a doctor's note. A doctor's note means nothing. If you are out sick for an extended period of time (each area is different) you may need a note from a doctor to show that you are OK to come back to work. Basically a release of liability very similar as a fitness for duty without the drug or alcohol connotation.

    If he has to bring a note in and the next driver or employee does not have to bring a note in than he has grounds for harassment. He may also have grounds for harassment because of the threat on the telephone! I would be careful about that though. I would see if there was a meeting tomorrow or how the meeting was going before bringing that up.
  7. cachsux

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    One,you called in and tell them you will not be in as you are ill,thats it no further specifics needed. Two,if the sup pulls this shiz again,tell him it is a violation of your privacy rights under the HEPA laws to ask you that. Three,we don`t "work sick" as this is a violation of DOT rules. And four,of your three absences only two might count as the wisdom teeth one,if they knew in advance as you say,was an excused absence. They can put it down that you were gone but not for disciplinary use. Always keep record of who approves it.
    He`s po`d because you caused him to work. Make sure a steward is with you for any discussion of this and don`t worry about it past that.
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    Thanks for the advice all. The best part is that my just center manager tried calling (let the machine get it) and asked if I was available for local sort. Yeah, I'm too sick to make $17/hr driving, but they think I'll come in to load trailers for $10/hr?
  9. Loufan

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    So all you have to say is you're sick, no questions asked? I had a nasty cut on my leg get infected once and my sup was all about the details. I pretty much didn't want to talk about it but I figured I had to tell him why I was out.
  10. cachsux

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    If I call in for an illness thats all I`ll say. "I`m ill and won`t be in today". Family need? "I have to take an FMLA day today"

    In your case you should say the basic and thats it,if they press the issue just repeat what you initially said until they stop asking. They pressing the issue violates the HEPA law,remind them of that and that you don`t wish to disclose anything more.
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    You have 6 occurrences, you them as you like, but when you get number 7 your mine, that is what one of my center manager's told us. I got that crap all the time when I was a rookie. Just do not lie, if your sick tell them your ill. DO NOT LIE. I bet the meeting never happens, I got told be in the office in the morning several times and when I showed up with steward he could never remember why. Your sup just like the rest they want you to have a whole day to wonder what will happen.
    Hope you get to feeling better.
  12. cachsux

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    If you`re pulled into an office for every absence,especially the first ones,then at the end of their discussion turn to the steward and say you`d like to file a harassment grievance,every time.
  13. feederdriver06

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    You don't need a doctors note. You called in and told them you wouldn't be coming in. You did all you need to do.

    For the future, since they gave you a hard time, the phone call should go as follows : Hey , this is (your name) I'm sick and I won't be coming in today. See you tomorrow. *click*
    The *click* happens before they even say a word to you.

    A sick day is NOT a negotiation of you bartering for a day off - its you telling them you won't be coming in.:peaceful:
  14. RFDUpsSup

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    One of the things about bringing in a doctor's note, and buildings will differ, but we usually won't document a call-in with doctor's note. But if you just call in and say you're sick, most Sups will document that on your emp. record.
  15. You don't have to go into details with your Sup, but at the same time, you don't want to make a bad situation worse.
    I'd ask your Steward to have a discussion with the Sup or center manager. Assuming their relationship is a good one, it may help. You never know.
  16. iowa boy

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    In my 28 years of working, I have been asked by one boss, (not at UPS), if i was actually sick and I asked him if he had an actual medical license, he didn't know what I was talking about, so I explained to him if he has no license to practice medicine how does he know if im actually sick or not?

    Never had any more problems after that.
  17. EvilKittie86

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    My union steward always tells me when I call in, just tell them your name and what area your from and that your calling in, then hang up. You don't have to answer any questions as long as you called in.
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    Hes right.
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    Make sure you call in atleast one hour before your shift starts. Then when you call in just say "hey it's - - - - I'm booking off" they should only say ok if they start asking why politely hang up. You don't need to give them a reason why your calling out.

    Make sure you know who answered your call and make sure you call from your cell phone so you have a record if they try to say you didn't call.
  20. grgrcr88

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    In our area you get 3 attendance occurances in a 90 day period before a warning letter is given.