Can management change the job you do?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by aspenleaf, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. aspenleaf

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    For instance if you are a preloader can they make you work in the hub or charge packages to the cage? I was just wondering.
  2. over9five

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    You can't refuse work. If they come to you and tell you to mop floors, you mop floors. But then you grieve it.

    Work now, grieve later. Next time they won't mess with you.
  3. sayjuan

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    I would especially grieve mopping floors because the contract explicitly states that no union employee shall perform janitorial work.
  4. ikoi62

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    what contract is that? i see porters every day mopping floors and bathrooms.its called their job.
  5. HazMatMan

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    Same here Ikoi62, my building has UNIONIZED porters who are usually drivers that are too beat up to deliver.
  6. HazMatMan

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    Do you work for UPS ?????
  7. So they need help doing a different type of job/position, lets say unloading for an example and they determine they will use a preloader to help. Technically they are supposed to ask the most senior preloader on down to the least senior employee if they what to unload, then if they do not get a volunteers they can force the bottom preloader to go unload. It does not matter who's cages are the cleanest or heaviest, but if yours are the cleanest and you have the seniority to avoid unloading they can make you help cover the preloaders area that goes to the unload.
  8. j13501

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    All jobs require that you also "work as directed". As was stated in an earlier post, always do the work first, then ask questions later. Sometimes you may find out someone else should do it the next time. Sometimes you may find out that your supervisor was within the contract to require you to do the alternate work assignment. You protect yourself when you work as directed when asked, and then argue about it later.
  9. jaunsay

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    It's in the master agreement. no janitor work for union employees. maybe it say's that they cannot be 'forced' to do janitor work. i dunno. find it. it's in there.

    What's a porter? I work in a small center.
  10. tieguy

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    work as directed is the rule. If you are denied a higher earning opportunity then you can grieve for lost wages.
  11. HazMatMan

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    A porter's job includes cleaning the offices, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping, etc...etc....In my building you usually need 20 plus years to become one and the jobs usually goes to a driver..
  12. aspenleaf

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    I do, this question is not about me. I do what they tell me and for the most part I don't have any issues. I think some people I work with think they just have to do what they were hired for and they get upset if asked to do a different task.
  13. aspenleaf

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    So far I have not been denied anything. I work with someone who was moved and wanted back where they worked and they were fighting the issue. The manager said he could move this person and they filed and so on. I have not seen the result (or the result the person wants).

    I sometimes need a bending of my schedule for my nursing clincals so I don't rock the boat. I do what I am told and so far my manager has worked with me and my schedule. I just find it interesting how everyone has such a different mind set.