Can UPS managers be drug tested?

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    If a sup or manager acts as though they're under the influence, we can request drug tests aganist their behaviour too?
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    Well since 90% of hourlies think all management is smoking crackpipes in their office what would the point be?
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    They are not covered by the labor agreement, so any testing done on a member of management would be the sole prerogative of that managers immediate superior.
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    Test Completed... :wink2:
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    hmm getting hammered with Tie? goodtimes! haha
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    While there is language in the contract that covers drug testing ups does have a general drug use policy that does cover management too. And yes I have seen management sent to the medical center for testing.

    Generally the way it works is this:

    a) train all management on drug and alcohol awareness

    b) Trained management person observes employee or supervisor exhibiting unusual behaviour. Observation could be specific to body characteristics such as pupil dliation, slurred speech, abnormal sweating and odd unusual behavior. Trained management observer would then ask other trained management observers to observe the employee to see if they observe the same unusual characteristics.

    c) employee then sent to medical facility for a fit for duty test. We don't really call it a drug or alcohol test though we may suspect the influence of either.
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    All management are subjected to random testing depending on your job. If federal regulations require drug testing and you perform that job, then you are randomly tested. The federal laws also apply to failed drug tests.

    Supervisors and Managers that are weight and balance certified to load airplanes get drug tested. Any new management person that is scheduled to become weight and balance certified gets tested and must be clean before they can even attend the school.

    There are no double standards at UPS. Managemnt people loose their jobs just as frequently as hourly folks do.

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    Sorry, just can't buy that one. Just keeping your eyes and ears open tells us a much different story.
    I will concede that within the our air system the standard may well be balanced as mandated by federal law and a persons job classification is relevant, however that is a very small portion of UPS's work force. We're not talking about one job class, we're talking about UPS overall.
    The company isn't even consistent within in the driver ranks, don't try to tell me they will be with management vs. non-management. It's just not going to happen that way.
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    Good post Tie. Have you even seen a management person tested and then terminated? Just curious.

    Can an hourly that truly suspects a sup of being high spear this "observation"? again, just curious.
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    This thread was ENTIRELY in jest

    thank you for your contributions
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    i think so. If you suspect a management person is under the influence and you speak to his boss. At that point I would think his boss would be liable to pursue it or be liable for anything the person does while impaired.

    I've seen sups fired for being at parties where drugs were used I can't remember one being discharged for coming to work stoned.
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    Another preloader was joking that I smoked pot when we were loading, (Type of joke that you would have had to have been there to laugh about it...) anyway manager overheard and took it literally, and I had to get drug tested lol, even though I passed with flying colors, it was still a hassle...
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    Thank goodness for a happy ending!

    Kraetos, did they pay you for the time?
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    Thanks Tie, kinda what I was thinking the process would entail.

    On two different occasions I was tested for drugs (alcohol) following vehicle accidents, they said it was a requirement. The funny (to me) thing was that a week before and a couple of weeks after, other drivers (both runners coincidentally) had accidents and were not required. There was no reason to single me out or to exclude them. IMO, they were fishing for anything to make a case against me, it's hard not to take this personal.
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    When I went to Feeders we were told that the reason a large portion of our PC drivers don't is because of the mandatory drug testing (and that maximum .04 BAC level is a biatch when you're going out for a night on the town). The trainer said that is also the reason quite a few sups refuse to go into Feeders.

    No idea if he was serious or just trying to be equal opportunity slanderer.

    As far as accidents I think if it results in an injury or requires a tow truck to remove one of the vehicles it requires a drug test.
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    That's the crap they were trying to feed me, but yet everyone doesn't seem to be on the same diet.
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    I'm surprised to hear that. I'd get shot and crucified if I did not send someone involved in a serious accident for post accident testing.
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    Originally Posted by Livin the Dream?

    I think tie hit it on the head - serious accident.
    Minor accidents with little property damage and no injuries will not normally require a drug test.

    Unless you have 555 tattooed on your forehead.
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    They didn't say there were any levels, they did say "required after every accident. You guys may be right about the severity, not disputing that part. I didn't mind having the test either, I had nothing to worry about. It was the principle of the matter. However, if you think about it, what difference should it make as to the severity? A drunk or someone drugged out of their minds could very well have a scrape with a dumpster or a roll over same as a totally sober person can. Severity should not be a factor.IMO.