Can we be sent out again???


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where is it in the contract???


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unless they send you a message before you get back that you will be needing to go back out again. Otherwise once you are back on company property all they can do is ask
If they send you a message on your trip back to building in my center it’s considered already back to building if that’s when you can read it. So no help or extra work for me

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Yes in the Central you cannot be disciplined for declining to go back out once you’re on property. I have told my center manager no to his face when he asked me before and he said oh ok just thought I’d ask. It is called DOUBLE DISPATCH.
When I finish my work, and I’m driving back to building I don’t check my Diad. I am done. That little green light can go off but I’m on the road and that’s a distraction.

In this case if you’re in the Central you could have politely declined the extra work due to Double Dispatching. If they keep pressing you, go back out but tell your steward you want to file a grievance in the morning. Won’t happen again.
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i dont run it was a bs split route
You left a few things out in your original post thus my response.

Still follow the rules and take your lunch and breaks. If you come in under eight punch out quickly and politely quote the contract.
Remember you didn’t write the rules but you need to follow them.


Yes, I know I'm working late.
Sounds like somebody needs more work. They will learn sooner or later to take lunch like a human. No, that doesn't mean coding it out and working through it. Most newbies can't grasp that concept thanks to crooked management training. We are about due for a new class action lawsuit. It's well overdue.


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I've been told by several of my coworkers that after we come back to the center we can't be sent back out. Is this true i can't find anything about it in the contract. I'd ask my steward but both of them are :censored2:ing useless! A little back story today i went and did someone's pick ups i was totally full came back at 4:45. Two other upsers sitting in the office taking their breaks and the mother :censored2:ers sent me out to go take 35 stops off someone.
Work as directed….and slow down. If you work at a reasonable pace you’ll never have this issue.