Can we be sent out again???


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Dispatch us the 8 hour day. If we beat the planned day then give us production bonus. End of story.

friend these people who are going 8-9 stops an hour on routes that can easily do 15-20. They're dragging the anchor on purpose and stay out the 13 hours to get it done while the rest of us are done in the 8-10 hours and are at home enjoying some AC and dinner.
How about we don’t recognize their numbers and give them the satisfaction of pretending The BS numbers are real, as far as how fast another driver goes, why do I care?
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I've been told by several of my coworkers that after we come back to the center we can't be sent back out. Is this true i can't find anything about it in the contract. I'd ask my steward but both of them are :censored2:ing useless! A little back story today i went and did someone's pick ups i was totally full came back at 4:45. Two other upsers sitting in the office taking their breaks and the mother :censored2:ers sent me out to go take 35 stops off someone.
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