Can you help give me some insight?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kevc978, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. kevc978

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    Hello UPS guys,

    I know this is an unofficial forum and its what im looking for as im just wondering if you guys can shed some light on what you think might be happening to my parcel.

    The tracking id is 1ZA7082W0446857849

    It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, from a hub in cumbernauld. But it has sat at Castle Donnington for 28 hours. About 4 hours ago the status changed from "On time" to just "Held in Warehouse"

    Since its still 200 miles away, im guessing no delivery today. I called customer service and the guy said something about a Feeder, missing time and something about overnight.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? Sorry for barging onto the forum like this but the parcel contains some sentimental family items.

    Also just another quick question, could there be a flaw in the UPS tacking and the parcel might actually arrive today? Keeping my hopes up :)

  2. DorkHead

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    According to tracking it has arrived at Castle Donnington at 3:47. Keep checking the tracking, once it says "out for delivery" then it means it is on a truck and you should receive it that day. That`s how it works over here-USA.
  3. packageguy

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    there are times that package gets to a building and lable not readable, or just left on a pallet by mistake with future package deliveries. i would call 1 800 pick ups ,talk to a suprvisor and let them know whats going on. they will get in touch with that building and get the ball rolling. goodluck
  4. UPSGUY72

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    That is not always the case the package gets scanned somewhere between getting unloaded from a trailer and getting loaded on a package car. Depending on the building alot of things could happen to that package so that it never gets loaded on to a car.

    I had a cunstomer this week look for a small Internationl letter the last thing tracking says is out for delivery. But it never got delivered it's most likely got esten by one of the belts.