Canada`s adscam

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  1. I`m trying to get feed back from outside Quebec on the Adscam, here we want to hang some liberals. what`s the take across the rest of the country?
  2. I`m ashamed that our government officials would do this.The people we`re supposed to respect actually thought they could get away with it.
    I hope everyone who even knew about it will be brought to trial.Its a disgrace in a country where the little guy is taxed to death.
    Thats my view QD. Fiberals indeed.
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    Honestly, I'm indifferent to it. There's corruption in every level of government and politics, some more than others.
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    All I know is that if Joe public did this sort of thing he'd be in jail for a long while, and in other countries he'd be shot.
  5. In QUEBEC, this scandal it`s home because it was to keep us in Confederation, and now a lot of people are seriously talking seperation again. As for the PM he isn`t as well liked as he hopes. Confiscating the liberal party`s assets would be nice.
  6. Hey QD,I`m getting a bit off topic here but,why dont you guys split in half like
    korea ,north and south quebec.The hardline french people can live thier french lives,and the rest of you can do whatever you want.To me it seems the problem exists only among yourselves.For the most part,the rest of us canadians like your presense in confederation.We are a young country,but we have a lot of heritage,and you guys are a big part of it.What p`s me off is that most quebecers dont realize that everything here has to be in both official languages.Every sign,cereal box,cigarette pack etc.For what?
    So you guys can feel at home if you come to visit? Nobody here speaks french.Millions of dollars are wasted on this.Whats your take on this?
  7. You are off topic, it goes a lot deeper than that around here, as far back as 1755(Le Grand Drangement-The great deportation of the Acadians). I`m half anglo half franco,I`ve seen both sides of the medal, basically until the 50`s 60`s the Quebecer was a second class citizen in his own home. Some actually anglisized their names to get advancement in the upper crust of Quebec society. As I`ve said before, it came to a head with the Rocket Richard`s riot. The start of the REVOLUTION TRANQUILLE. Since then the Parti Qubecois has implemented laws to protect the language and culture of Qubec. You are wrong on one point there are a lot of french in Northern Ontario, my family goes from North Bay to Sudbury, if you go to Sturgeon Falls you will notice a lot of french signs and families(most of them a descendants of the lumber jacks that moved from Quebec). Also in Manitoba there is a large french population (Metis and french). And there is a french speaking community in Toronto(I`ve got a brother in Toronto). Frenchmen have travelled most of the continent, basically as coureur des bois and explorers. The french culture is more important than it appears on the continent, and should be preserved as much as possible, it`s the same with any other culture that moves into country you see it a lot in TO with a large alophone population.
  8. I respect your values and your uniqueness as an intricate part of what makes Canada Canada.I meant no insult.There might be some french speaking people up north but here in southern ontario its very rare,maybe 1% of the population.
    And I can read french,from all the cereal boxes.
    I`m curious,are your cereal boxes in both languages too?
  9. Everything here is bilingual, But french must dominate. FYI the provincial goverment has started english as a second language in grade one for our kids. I must admit I like having both languages, it give me more to see or hear either on TV or the radio. And the adscam is reported differently depending on the language heard.
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    English is the 2nd language in least it seems that way.
  11. in Quebec French is the primary language, English is legally second
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    Hey Moreluck,

    English feels like a secondary language in New Jersey, too !!
  13. bonjour QD,and anyone else who cares about Canada.What a mess eh,the liberals team up with the NDP like its a tag team wrestling match,its deplorable.And the conservatives are hosing up the the Quebecois.What is to become of us?
    Lets not wreck Canada,vote no to separation.
  14. The problem is the liberals are trying to keep the power because of financial reasons, the NDP are trying to get what they want, the tories want the power, the Bloq wants to seperate. nobody cares about the poor citizen who is being used and abused by politician who care only for their billfolds... If they were honest and hard working intelligent people they would be working for a private company not in politics. No matter what happens, I`ve got to go through another referendum... What a waste of my taxes, Let`s renogociate confederation and get rid of the great white elephant we call federal goverment. Also have you noticed the money coming out this week in anticipation of elections. WHAT A BUNCH OF BULL. I`m thinking of starting my own political party "FEDUP TAX PAYERS OF CANADA"
  15. FEDUP TAXPAYERS OF CANADA doesnt quite cut is as a party name,how about the alliance party,it sounds more promising and it could ally us more to quebec as a huge and important part of Canada
    regardless of adscam.I feel very strongly that if quebecers agree to separation they are doing a huge disservice to thier country.The ones in power are making it harder for people to make a rational decision and its sad,because most Canadians are proud to be Canadians,French or English...
  16. the UNITED CITIZENS OF CANADA, Seperation has been around a longer than I can remember... Anyhow the adscam is going to get a lot uglier There are accountants going thru the paper trail. when they submit their report all the politics here will be on seperation and how the liberals played us for the fools
  17. The UCOC is nice- our motto could be Confederation for the nation -in a land where
    everyone is treated equally,and with a little hard work,each person has the right to attain the comfort level they strive for without being
    PSTeed and GSTeed to death.You start it I`ll vote for you...we`ll call it "The Brown Party"
  18. are you voluntiring to be my ontario rep,
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    Free Quebec!
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    Good to see double_standard is back!