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  1. StuffItFred

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    Hello everyone,
    Been lurking this forum for a while. Finally decided to register and post up. I work in the Southeast and been employed with this imploding donkey dung for 18yrs now. Word around our station is we are getting a visit from "someone from Memphis" this week. I can only imagine what this will lead to.
    I would love a visit from Mr. Thorton himself as we have one particular employee who I think is about to explode any day and this employee seeing Thorton in person may set him off.

    Things aren't looking good and it may be time to jump ship even after investing almost 20yrs.
  2. Cactus

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    I'll bet Thornton ain't taking no paycut or any decrese in insurance coverage. Eliminating his postion would save a ton of dough. What on earth do we need him for anyway?
  3. StuffItFred

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    We need him for Frontline every month to tell us how much we sucked! And for him to wave his hands around like a flopping fish out of water. There is a TON of overhead in our Express side and if they got rid of all the "auditors" "engineer's" and idiots setting up roads and some management that is a start! If your a** doesn't get in a truck and deliver a pkg you are OVERHEAD.
  4. Cactus

    Cactus Just telling it like it is

    That's telling it like it is!!!!! Welcome aboard!!!
  5. MrFedEx

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    We like you already.
  6. Bailey4

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    As someone posted here before, I'd still like to see him squeeze into a size 40 pair a shorts and head out on deliveries for the day! LOL
  7. StuffItFred

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    I would like to see him come to the STA and pull the belt of 5 W700's because we had to cut a pull position on the AM sort due to "budget". And THEN hop his size 40 fata** in the truck and run a route. Oh don't forget to hit your numbers Freddy and get at LEAST ONE LEAD! He prob doesn't even own a pair of black tennis shoes. So he would be in $1,000 penny loafers! Smug MF'r


    I REALLY like this guy..kind of reminds me of, well, me! :hail::ninja3: Glad to have you aboard.