Car insurance discount because of our defensive driver training?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by bugman74, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. bugman74

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    Has anyone been able or tried to get a discount on their car insurance because of our defensive driving training? It seems logical that our training that is drilled into our heads should warrant a discount.
  2. rod

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    Usually they charge more because they know the average UPS driver drives like a maniac.
  3. scratch

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    Good point, I consider myself a professionel defensive driver. But one problem is, UPS doesn't give us a certificate to show that we have had training, and I don't know if the insurance companies would recognize it if they did. I get a good deal with Allstate, I have been with the same agent and now his son for thirty-four years without a single accident. I do get the multiple car and homeowners discount. I have two sons driving, thats where you get hit in the pocket big time. A good way to decrease your premiums is to increase your deductibles.:thumbup1:
  4. fedxsux

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    We get a nice discount through GMAC. I'm saving $400\year vs. Allstate
  5. Brownnblue

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    The training we receive is through a quick statement at a PCM (when we have our minds on what will thrown on our dispatch), a text message during the middle of said day, and perhaps some "busy work" papers to fill out to satisfy OSHA. I doubt any insurance company would give out a discount with this kind of "training".
  6. STLFeeder

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    Yes, but they do it safely.. ;)
  7. RockyRogue

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    Scratch...wait til your son's start getting in accidents! My poor old man...three sons down, three to go and we've have had 6 wrecks between us. Three or four were our fault and one of those was a percentage at fault, I think:sad:. In Atlanta, you don't have the snow worries. One of our wrecks was at least partially caused by the snow. The rain can get heavy anywhere, folks. I told my one brother one day, "TURN THAT D*MN MUSIC OFF TIL WE CLEAR THIS CLOUDBURST!!!!" He grumbled but did it. Less than a minute later, tail-lights appeared in front of us. He swore vilely and brought the car to a safe stop. I looked at him and he said, "Say one, just one word and I'll clock ya when I park this car." A year or so later, we were leaving home in the snow and he turned the radio off before he put the car in gear. I just smiled slightly. GOTTA LOVE BIG BROTHERS! LOL. -Rocky
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