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    [h=1]This is copied from the UPS job search:

    Dry Van Dedicated Driver[/h] apply Job Location: Dayton, OH

    UPS Freight Truckload is hiring individuals to work as Full-time Dedicated Dry Van Drivers. This position involves the driving of a tractor-trailer for the over-the-road delivery of freight to two or more locations. Dedicated drivers are primarily assigned to run freight for one customer, and may be assigned to an operation based at a specific customer location. These drivers are normally on the road from one to two days at a time. The term “dedicated” refers to the customer, not a particular lane or destination.

    [h=1]My question is, how much would this position pay and what would the lifestyle be for someone who works this job? My husband is considering a career change and would have to get his CDL in order to apply. Is it worth it for him to do so? Is it likely they would hire someone with a new CDL? We would also have to relocate if he were to get the job. Ideally, he would like to be a package delivery driver but, there are no current openings in our state and from what I've read, they don't come around too often. We have several months before it would be possible for us to relocate so, we are still holding out hope that one will open up. If that doesn't happen though, he is considering the Dry Van position because they seem to be easier to come by. Any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance :)[/h]
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    The pay will started around $16.00 hour and in three year he will be making top rate. The problem your husband is going to have is that he has NO experience driving tractor trailers even if he went to school and got his CDL A his chance of getting a job with UPS Freight without at least 1 or 2 years of OTR experience is slim to none.