Celebrities then and now

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    What 'Stephanie Tanner' looks like now

    Jodie Sweetin was only five-years-old when she won the role of the middle sister on 'Full House'. See her at 30

    (twice divorced and now engaged, again).
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    Please, come back and tell us how she looks at 60.
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    What Snooki looks like without makeup

    The 'Jersey Shore' star removes her trademark bronzer, fake eyelashes, and smoky eye shadow. Her natural look

    saving you the link :[​IMG]
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    ...or not.
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    Why Rachel McAdams still lives in Toronto

    Despite international fame, the 'Notebook' actress opts for a simpler life in her home town. 'Few reasons to leave'
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    Toronto is a beautiful city with many cultural and recreational activities.
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    I feel ashamed, not ever visiting Toronto, and only seeing it from outside the airport about 7 or 8 times in my life.
    I felt like skipping my connection flight and head out to the big adventure of Canada's largest city, but I haven't, yet ! :(
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    Her number one reason: "If you want to tell stories as truthfully as possible, you need a normal, boring existence,"

    Yup, if she was looking for boring, she is certainly in the right country.
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    Toronto is the same as most major American cities.
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    She's darn cute but hey you can't get the all to wise up and defect. There's plenty others that have. Such as:

    [​IMG] Tricia Helfer


    [​IMG] Grace Park

    Welcome to America girls. Run don't walk.
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    Nice people in the big smoke (for the most part),but there's a long list of folks waiting for their hot dog cart licence.