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    The only phone I use is a cell phone. I have no landline phone at my house. So in the contact info that UPS has for me, it lists my cell number. Anyway, now and then I have been called early to see if I wanted to preload. Apparently, the good managment team figured out that this was my cell number becuase now I get calls on the road from my sup, dispatch, other drivers who were given my number by sups, etc. What do you think of this practice? I never gave anyone permission in the office to call my cell phone. I really don't mind them using my minutes as I never go over my plan's minute allowance. I'd actually rather have them call me then ODS message me because I can't stand sending ODS messages now with the infamous shift key now. Anyway, most people would view this as a trivial matter, but it kind of irks me that they my cell while I'm on road. Obviously I have caller ID and can just ignore the calls. I thank everyone in advance for their opinion on this:thumbup1:
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    Shut the phone off, they can leave a voice mail if need be..
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    Are you allowed to talk on a cell phone at work when not on break? I'm retired now, but I was told it was a warning notice three years ago.

    I think you answered your own question; in fact, I think they could be jerks and write you up if you answered the call while on the job.

    You may want to clarify the company's cell phone policy in the presence of your steward and center manager.
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    Slothrop, thanks for the reply. Where I work the center team dosen't bust my balls to the point where we need to bring in "company policy" when it comes to "gray areas" and nit-picking. I get to come in, do my job (probably not scratch, but never ridicuously paid over and always under 9.5) and punch out with no late airs or missed parcels. So this is why I'm hesitant to speak up about the cell phone. Unlike most of the posters on this site, I DO have a good working relationship with my superiors and I want to keep it this way. I was just wondering if other drivers had the same experience. By the way, I've talked to my sup. on my cell while he and I were sitting in traffic and he was a 100 yards behind me on the interstate. Yet the "company policy" didn't apply in this situation because we needed to communicate which exit (change of plans) we were going to get off at due to this traffic.

    Problem I have is that if he was doing an on-area obsevation he would have written me up even though I may have been talking to the center manager:crying: . Go figure?
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    Company policy is never nit-picking. Managers and supervisors change all the time, what was once good can become very bad overnight. Some of the management I've had, even the hard azzes, are still good friends. Others were, and always will be, jerks. Such is life.

    First rule at any job is CYA. In any case, I wouldn't answer my cell if I saw it was work calling, that's what their communication/tether system is for. You do what what you think is best, you don't need anyone heres advice.

    FWIW, I've seen supes threaten to fire 'good' drivers for cell phone calls.
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    I always use my cell to call the center when I get the "please call" ODS message.

    HOWEVER, I would have a problem with them calling my cell (especially when they didn't ask first).

    Tell them to stop. It has nothing to do with your "good working relationship" with them.
  7. satellitedriver

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    I agree. They have right to ask you to call in, but not the right to call you. Just tell them they are burning up your minutes. They can accuse you of stealing company time if you make a personal call on company time, but they are walking a two way street when they call you.
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    If you want them to stop calling you. ask your sup for a reimbursement form and then hand him your cell phone bill. I use mine only when it is convenient for me, several times they have called me and left a message to get a pick up on the way in. And when I get back to the building and my sup asks if I got that pick up, I say What Pick UP? I didn't get any message on my Diad about any pick up.
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    I had the same problem with my cell phone and UPS so I just stopped answering it. I will choose when I want to use my personal phone for work issues not UPS. I always use their mesg system that way my :censored2: is covered if any questions should come up.

    You could also write your phone off on taxes if you are using it for UPS work. I know we have been on this topic before, so do what you feel is correct.

    MSGTDEL New Member

    I never liked ODS messages either, however, it does provide a paper trail and prevents someone saying "I did not tell you that" in a phone conversation. I have seen posters in our center saying it's a $500.00 or so fine if DOT catches you on the phone while operating a UPS vechical. I agree that there are some double standards with the phone policy. I was riding with a sup in the jump seat, he was in traffic, in a non-power steering truck, shifting gears and on his cell phone. LOL
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    Tricky question, but to be sure, let your supe/ctr. mgr. know that you do not want them to contact you on your cell. They should be using the DIAD to reach you while on area.

    Do your customers have your cell # and are they contacting you during the day on your cell? If so, are you asking them to reimburse you for minutes too?
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    Yes, one customer does call me. Normally she only has 1 or 2 parcels going out. The scheduled pickup time is 1500. If I need my 2-wheeler she calls my cell by 14:45. If not, I just go to her office. In a year's period of time, I think I needed the 2-wheeler about 7 times and she has called me every time and told me to bring the cart. You have to love customers like this!
  13. SmithBarney

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    Just change the ring tone for your sups... then you'll know what calls to ignore.

    If you stop answering, they'll stop calling.
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    Get a phone with caller ID.