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    If a guy transfers to another building, does he get to keep his seniority bump down the guys younger than him? In this case the guy worked in one building and transfered to another for a driver slot and now wants to transfer back to his original building because he is not working enough. Central Region.
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    Never heard of a driver transferring buildings.
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    Read your contract. It depends on your supplement. In Local 25, we could change buildings. In Local 71, we have to stay in our center, except for extraordinary, nearly impossible circumstances.
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    I read the contract and can't find anything pertaining to this situation.
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    Good luck with that.
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    He is full time laid off and is bumping a part time employee. Your buildings are probably grouped together for full time bidding. Read your local union supplement
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    Can someone point me in the right direction in the contract that deals with full time transfers? National, Central Region, Ohio Rider.
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    Here we can. It's not only region specific but local specific so the op should talk to his business agent.
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    Talk to your business agent all of the information needed isn't alway right there in the contract.
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    We can change buildings within our local. Only downside is you go to the bottom of seniority.
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    I will be talking to my BA about it then. Thanks for the info.