Central Region Local 243 Ground Pay Issue

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownBagNeeded, Nov 11, 2014.

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    In the central region seasonal section page 185 there is a sentence that says..Any employee put to work during the seasonal period shall be paid the appropriate seasonal rate of pay.

    The company is trying to say that if air drivers perform ground work then they will only receive seasonal pay which is a pay cut for most of us. I guess that somebody decided that all employees refers to seasonal workers which makes sense since this is in the seasonal section, but also to air drivers. It clearly states all employees so if they are saying that air drivers are included in this class then why aren't full time and feeder drivers included also?

    Are any other locals experiencing this?
  2. Mugarolla

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    Grieve it. This sections deals with employees that have not attained seniority already. If you are a new hire that has not attained seniority yet, then you will get the seasonal rate of pay.

    If you are an air driver that has seniority, this section does not apply to you. If you deliver ground, you get ground rate.
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    A few other and I will be grieving it, it just sucks that a lot of people aren't willing to stand up for what's right. People are accepting the extra ground work at their air rate because they are afraid of retaliation.
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    You work under Art 40. Art. 40 says any Air Driver that picks up or delivers ground is paid top driver rate for the day. In the preamble to Art. 40 it states Art 40 shall supersede language on the same subjects in the Supplements, Riders, and Addenda.