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    Congressional Reform Act of 2013

    1. If the deficit is more than 3% of GDP -All sitting Members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.

    2. No Tenure/ No Pension--Congress collects a Salary while in office ---Recieves no pay or pension when out.

    3. Congress -Past and Present participates in Social Security.
    All funds they have taken from us are immediately put into Social Security and are used for no other purposes.

    4. Congress must purchase Retirement plans and fund their own 401's and IRAS. Must participate in the same retirement plans as the American Public does.

    5. Cannot vote themselves pay raises --must be approved by the People.

    6. Work every day with the exception of Lawful Federal Holidays.

    7. Congress must be subject to all laws that they impose on the people. Including Healthcare.

    8. Contracts that Congress has passed for their own benefit over the years are all null and void.

    Please feel free to add to this very basic starting list.:wink2:
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    All increased government spending must be paid for with increased taxes. If we are running a deficit and no one wants to cut spending, then taxes must be raised to eliminate the deficit. When people see a clear cause and effect between increased government spending and the amount they pay in taxes, then they can make a clear choice about whether they really want to increase government spending. Either way we need to pay our bills out of our own pockets instead of borrowing money to cover our debts.
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    I see hints of the 28th amendment here.
    OOPS! I forgot.........they ignore that one.
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    In your wildest dreams --the fat-cat snob limosine liberal politicians would only laugh in your face.

    Once you become part of the" Political club" Left or Right ----you are in and vote for PERK CITY.

    This is even true for the tea party candidates that immediately got in to large staffs doing all their work, three day work weeks, loads of time off , Dinners and lunches with interests groups , first class travel etc,etc,

    Of course as they SERVE US !! Wake up -only together will the American people change bozos like Reid and and the crier !!

    Of course all the Democrat politicians will put themselves into Obamacare and Social Security.????? When HELL freezes ova:happy-very:

    If either party or a third party moved sincerly and quickly in that direction --They would have my vote.

    What is good for the People--should be good for the Politicians !!!

    If people were not so LEFT OR RIGHT WITH BLINDERS ON ---The people could demand these very make sense changes:sad-little: Instead the politicians divide us and conquer us.
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    And this diagnosis coming from a guy who listens intently to RUSH LIMBAUGH, the biggest FAT CAT of them all, with his private jets, cuban cigars, multiple million dollar homes and his 2 billion dollars in earnings in the last 10 years.

    Are you better off than you were 4 years ago? LIMBAUGH surely is.

    Yea, you hate FAT CATS alright.


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    At one time I found your posts thoughtful and interesting.

    Now--Way,way too often ---when staring at facts that are presented to you ---you attack the person as a Fox Watcher or a Rush Limbaugh Listener . Does not make sense.

    Bottom line --not trying to sound too much like wkmac, all of our Politicians have put in Programs,Pensions, Pay raises, Healthcare FOR THEMSELVES and not the people.

    TOS--Rush Limbaugh show is that where you first heard this topic ??? Seriously I am curious !!:wink2:

    P.S relax I am not attacking President Obama.
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    Obamacare for the congress too !!!

    Why shouldn't they get "the best" too?
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    Island, disection of one's thoughts is simple, listen to the "enemy" first, then watch and see how many people repeat what is said. Understanding the source of information is easily identifiable when they use word for word commentary as you do when repeating what RUSH says the very day he says it.

    You brought up FAT CATS, and clearly, the republican party has now CLEARLY identified itself with FAT CATS...

    Sheldon Adelson 65 million spent on the election.
    Bob Perry 21 million spent on the election.
    Karl Rove 1 billion spent on national elections.

    Bill Maher....1 million spent on the election and you call him a FAT CAT???


    Understand your own hypocrisy first before telling the rest of the free world how to think.:surprise:



    p.s. I also find it humorous how many of you deny listening to FOX or RUSH, yet repeat everything they tell you on the days they say it.
  10. island1fox

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    You are totally blind and deaf to what this thread is all about.

    I can care less what Hollywood, rush, maher ertc etc make in the Private market --what people are willing to pay for whatever they do.

    The politicians both your SACRED Democrats and the Republicans with a few Independent sprinkled in ---are passing laws--becoming Millionaires with great perks and pensions --FROM OUR TAX DOLLARS.

    Should not be too hard to understand --that before we start cutting any programs FOR THE PEOPLE --We should look at the years and years of Perks passed by both Parties to ONLY benefit the Politicians.

    If you agree or disagree -I would be interested in the opinion ---bringing up Maher or Limaugh or whoever is not what I am addressing in this thread.

    If while you are humping Packages all day --the Politicians are Living the Viva loca --and you are fine with that --great --Look up the definition of HYPOCRISY???

    The politicians are going to move back your retirement age for Social Security --while they get a Pension after one term ??? See if the Teamsters can get that in the next contract ????

    Just to set the record totally straight --I have never heard this topic discussed on CNBC,CNN, FOX , Maher, Rush, Stewart etc etc.

    You seem to be an expert on Fox and right wing Radio ---either you listen to it everyday or you are a hypocrite and have no idea how to respond.

    In fact I will end this dopey discussion with you in probably the only way you understand--Although I totally disagree with this tactic --how does it play in your REAL WORLD.

    you just listen to Msnbc and maher all day-- wah wah -repeat the same old talking points ????? Ridiculous --never mind. It is so foolish either way:happy-very:
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    Look at TOS on this thread --and then look at The new Tos thread on Tparty Jim Demint --- INTERESTING
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    Island, where are you going with this??

    I believe ALL congressman and senators should leave office with NOTHING. Lifetime benefits is ridiculous.

    Like every other american, they should leave, find another job and leave the GOVERMENT MONEY behind.

    But that aint gonna happen,but theyll call YOU a mooch for wanting social security.