Changing shifts?


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Is it possibly? I work at night, but it's just screwed up, horribly understaffed and the volume is way above what it should be. Management is doing nothing about it. I would like to transfer to preload, would I have to put in my two weeks and reapply when a position opens? Is it even possible? I don't want to quit, it's nice having the benefits and paid vacation and all that, but this is just about getting to be more stress than it's worth. Thanks.


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Yeah, I thought a bug was crawling across my screen and I tried to brush it off. Where do you guys get these avatars with crawling bugs and roving eyes?

As far as changing shifts, I did that once in my Hub days. I started on the Midnight Sort, and later bid onto the Twilight Sort before I went into driving. We used to put Bid Sheets up for this, I don't know if they still do that.

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Yes there should be a bid sheet up at all times to bid into different shifts. But be careful! Night sort may not seem so bad after doing preload :w00t:

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Like others stated there should be a bid shift transfer sheet up on the bid board in your building. The sheet here has choices for each shift such as for the pre-load, either unload or loader. I actually started on the pre-load then transfered to the twilight and worked midnight. But remember they have the final say in whether they let you transfer or not usually depends on staffing. I your case you say the midnight is already understaffed, so it may be tough unless the pre-load is equally understaffed. It may help getting to know a few of the pre-load supervisors, find out if they need people, if so maybe they will fight for you to get the transfer to go through. That is the only way I got my transfer to go through, and it took a little time. If there is no bid shift transfer sheet on the bid board in your building try asking someone in H.R. about it. Best of luck.