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    The guy was probably caught because the "UPS" truck was clean, raising the suspicions of local law enforcement officials.
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    haha that gave me a good chuckle
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    Surprised it Doesn't Happen More Often....

    DPS stops cloned UPS truck, seizes marijuana

    December 9th, 2008 @ 12:08pm

    by Jayme West/KTAR

    Authorities are searching for a man after an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer stopped a cloned UPS truck filled with bundles of marijuana. The suspect fled on foot.
    DPS seized 2,118 pounds of marijuana, worth more than $1 million dollars.
    The marijuana was attached to makeshift burlap straps, which human drug carriers use to facilitate carrying the loads thorough the desert.
    The truck, painted brown with reflective yellow decals featuring the UPS logo, displayed a homemade Arizona license plate.
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    Not sure but possibly the driver wasn't wearing a UPS uniform?
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    Re: Surprised it Doesn't Happen More Often....

    The clean truck was a dead give a way.
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    "No, officer, they're not mules. They're helpers!"
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    That's actually not a bad clone... I mean obviously most of the people on this board can tell because we see them day in and day out, but to most anyone else, how the hell would they know?
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    More photos...
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    And more...
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    That plate is actually kind of awful haha
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    If you are Hispanic and do work for UPS in Arizona expect to get harassed. I'm just saying they might be racial profiling you now that this has happened. In fact this might be true for all ethnic people working near the border. Am I wrong to think this?
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    That guy is the Nafta replacements they`re going to use after they lay you off on the 1st. He was only practicing with the marijuana.
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    The FONT is WAYYYYYY off!!!!
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    Thats funny as H E Double Hockey Sticks!!
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    Explicar por favor?
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    Dang DS ya beat me to it!!!!
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    Yes, you are.
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    Other errors, besides being clean, where is the twisted /dented front bumper ?
    The yellow side stripe ? The empty coffee cups on the dash ?