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    I read on that through the "Earn and Learn" program, I can receive $3000 a year in tuition. I read somewhere how it was divided per semester, but I can't find it now.

    I currently attend Ivy Tech in Columbus IN, which has 3 semesters a year (Fall, Spring and Summer). I however wish to transfer to Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida, which has 12 semesters a year (1 every month). I think I can receive my Bachelor's degree in 18 months there. Does anyone know how the UPS tuition would work for a fast paced college like Full Sail?
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    When an academic year is divided into semesters, there are always only two semesters. Never three or twelve.

    I make this point because in another thread I tried to explain (aparently without much success) that calling a package a Next Day Air package, implies to any reasonable person that the package is being expedited by airplane. If nearby destinations are actually serviced by ground, then why go out of your way to advertize those zones as AIR service?
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    What Jon is saying is that you should sue the colleges until they agree to have only 2 semesters per year ... why would you want to go to a college that is obviously very dishonest in having more than 2 semesters per year. Very dishonest ... unbelievable.

    Now to your question - You will have to go to the HR rep and persistently ask them to get you an answer on this. The education reimbursement program is like a maze and it is not likely anyone knows the ins and outs of your particular scenario.
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    Hoax, before you advise launching a lawsuit, and pronouncing the College guilty of dishonesty, you might want to check with the College first. I'm betting that if they divide the year into three segments, they call them TRIMESTERS, just like everyone else does.
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    Jon would be right, at least according to

    A trimester in college is a single term out of three. Instead of the traditional semesters with two terms, there are three terms. Each term consists of 10 weeks.
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    Anyways...Make sure that the center your in or wish to be in has tuiton reimbursement. No all center do.