Columbus Day. Where I'm from it's not a Holiday.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by brownmonster, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. brownmonster

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    We were handed a printout today of all the business stops for each route. We were told to indicate which stops were closed on Columbus Day. I'm not talking pickups here but all business delivery stops. I don't know when this non-holiday is and I'm sure my customers don't either. This might be appropriate in New York or other big cities but not where I deliver. Even banks are open. Only places closed are Govt. Looks like another quest to break areas.
  2. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    Work as directed they are the Alpha and Omega they know all.
  3. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    government and banks are the only people that recognize this for days off. Retail uses it as a reason to have sales.
  4. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Obscured by Mirrors Staff Member

    I believe management calls it planning.
  5. iowa boy

    iowa boy Well-Known Member

    Forgive me when I ask the obvious.............. but when did UPS start planning?:happy-very:
  6. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    I think it was right after they ran out of things to do time studies on.
  7. over9five

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    We got those lists too. There will be a lot of cutting here as there are a lot of closed.

    I am sure it will be another ugly day!
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Schools, banks, city and county offices and our local college will all be closed. We have been told that it is cheaper for the company if they hold the packages off the cars rather than load them and have us sheet as CLO HOL. They will also be cutting areas here.
  9. bigbrownhen

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    It does make sense to not load the known closed. Who wants a bulk stop going to a school and have to work around it all day? What doesn't make sense is cutting out routes and blowing others out. This causes massive overtime and service failures.
  10. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Unfortunately this is SOP daily in most centers.
  11. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    My point is nobody closes where we are yet the braintrust will break a bunch of routes. I call it Good Friday Syndrome.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Isn't Columbus the guy that discovered America? America the place we live and work in. Let me ask you a question. Say you didn't know anything about anything. What do you think would be a bigger deal? Choice 1 - Sailing across an ocean and finding a piece a land filled with natural resources with the capacity to hold 528,720,588 people, a piece of land that would be used for thousands of years to reproduce, drink beer, sing dance, buy hookers, all kinds of stuff. Choice 2 - A bunch of politicians signing a piece of paper to say they were free from a bunch of people in Britain?
  13. UPSBluRdg03

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    I commented on the sheet this morning that I didnt think hardly any buisnesses would be closed on Columbus Day. The OMS responsded " except for government offices and banks". I said "well sounds like yall already know, no need for me to fill this out". I carried it around all day but ultimately it ended up in the recycle bin tonight when I got in.
  14. stevetheupsguy

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    When I lived in NYC it was a major holiday. Schools closed, big parade and such. Here in Florida they don't celebrate much and Columbus day may as well be named Tuesday.

    At least you have a recycle bin.
  15. UPSBluRdg03

    UPSBluRdg03 New Member

    True, sad thing is Im about the only one who uses it.