Combo jobs are for air drivers

I was informed that this was the case , I have reviewed back to 2002 but I can not find the 93 contract... the d timers say that it says.. combo jobs are for part time air drivers to go full time drivers... can you shed your light on this...

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22.3 (inside combo positions) were only created after the strike in l997..Only 22.2 insiders existed in the early 90's..
We had two combo (not 22.3) jobs that were created in my building. Worked the Day sort and did a PM letter box pick up route Monday thru Friday. One driver was fired and the route was changed to a 22.3 job and the other driver eventually retired and the route was changed to a PT letter box pick up.


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Is there a way that you could scan or I can pay you for a copy of that 91-93 contract that talks about combo jobs.... sir?

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1990-1993 UPS NMA.pdf