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    I used to drive those trucks so hard
    and for so long that
    my right foot would
    go dead from pushing down on the
    delivery after delivery,
    14 hours at a time
    for $1.10 per hour
    under the table, up one-way alleys in the worst parts of
    at midnight or at high noon,
    racing between tall buildings
    always with the stink of something
    dying or about to die
    in the freight elevator
    at your destination,
    a self operated elevator,
    opening into a large bright room,
    uncomfortably so
    under unshielded lights
    over the heads of many women
    each bent mute over a machine,
    crucified alive
    on piecework,
    to hand the package then
    to a fat SOB in red
    he signs, ripping through the cheap
    with his ballpoint pen,
    that's power,
    that's America at work.
    you think of killing him
    on the spot
    but discard the thought and
    down into the urine-stinking
    they have you crucified too,
    America at work,
    where they rip out your intestines
    and your brain and your
    will and your spirit.
    they suck you dry, then throw
    you away.
    the capitalist system.
    the work ethic.
    the profit motive.
    the memory of your father's words,
    "work hard and you will be
    of course, only if you make
    much more for them than they pay

    out of the alley and into the
    sunlight again,
    into heavy traffic,
    planning the route to your next stop,
    the best way, the time-
    you knowing none of the tricks
    and to actually think about
    all the deliveries that still lie ahead
    would lead to
    it's one at a time,
    easing in and out of traffic
    between other work-driven drivers
    also with no concept of danger,
    reality, flow or
    you can feel the despair
    escaping from their
    their lives as hopeless and
    as numbed as

    you break through the cluster
    of them
    on your way to the next
    driving through teeming downtown
    Los Angeles in 1952,
    stinking and hungover,
    no time for lunch,
    no time for coffee,
    you're on route #10,
    a new man,
    give the new man the
    b*ll-busting route,
    see if he can swallow the

    you look down and the
    needle is on
    almost no gas left.
    to ******* bad.
    you gun it,
    lighting a crushed cigarette with
    one hand from a soiled pack of

    s*** on the world.

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    lighting a crushed cigarette with
    one hand from a soiled pack of

    s*** on the world.


    Smoke it if ya got it !!!
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    ​Very good!!!!