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    Curious as to whom the other right-wing media outlets would be.

    ​I thought it was Fox News against the rest of the US media.
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    Re: If your regional supplement was voted down - now what happens?

    Turn on your radio...
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    No thanks ...CD player for me unless the Braves are on.
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    Re: If your regional supplement was voted down - now what happens?

    "Come on, folks, if you're a true conservative then put your money where your mouth is and show your support with Excellence in Broadcasting toilet paper. These liberals... they want you to buy that cheap stuff that sells for a quarter per roll. Come on! We'll be right back, folks, after I stuff a box of doughnuts down my throat. And wipe myself with my EIB toilet paper."

  5. Monkey Butt

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    Re: If your regional supplement was voted down - now what happens?

    Not sure what your reply has to do with my question.

    You usually are coherent and logical so maybe you replied to another post.
  6. Bagels

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    Re: If your regional supplement was voted down - now what happens?

    I was referring to media outlets that carry syndicated right-wing programming. People like Limbaugh double as both media personalities and (de facto) party policy makers, even if they like to pretend (convince their listeners?) that they're not. Was listening to his show the other day and he was crucifying left-wing media for trying & convicting George Zimmerman while failing to acknowledge that the right-wing media -including himself- is guilty of trying & convicting Trayvon Martin. In a country in which innocent-until-proven guilty & justice = trial by jury, both approaches are wrong.
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    Re: If your regional supplement was voted down - now what happens?

    Did not know Rush's company was Excellence in Broadcasting.
    Never heard of it although I have heard him talked about or referenced on here. I've never listened to him.
    I find it funny that probably 90% plus of my friends and co-workers were conservatives but I never heard them talk about Rush.
    It was only the liberals that talked about Rush.

    I had to listen to Hannity to get the traffic broadcast on the way home from work before I retired. I absolutely can't stand him.

    I don't watch Fox News network but I do watch MSNBC in the morning (Morning with Joe).
    I almost never watch Broadcast Network News but when I do watch it is PBS Newshour or maybe CNN.
    They are all a bunch of lying entertainers in my opinion except PBS.
    They do cover disasters fairly accurately.

    I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal which means Libertarian to most people, which is what I usually describe myself as but not really accurate.
    I absolutely do not like the policies of Obama because they are ineffective and too expensive.
    For example - National Healthcare is a noble concept but it should be provided to every citizen regardless of income or wealth.
    The way Obama implemented it is a fiscal disaster and even worse, it doesn't help the vast majority of US citizens.
    I also did not like Bush Jr because I thought he was wasteful and his big Socialist program (Medicare Prescription Drug program) was sort of goofy that did not help that many people but is a very expensive cost to the US taxpayers.
  8. Upsmule

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    I'd bank on Fox News being for the middle class before any union these days. Unions once upon a time maybe, but those days have been long gone.
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    WTF! Unions are a group of workers trying to get a living wage,health ins.,and a pension. Fox News is a rightwing Corporation (THAT TRIED AND FAILED TO ELECT A AMERICAN JOB OUTSOURCING/TAX CHEATER)named Twitt ROMNEY.(Do a search on you tube of election night and watch the Fox News coverage when they realize Obama won. ITS VERY FUNNY.

    Fox news only represents big business(THATS THEIR THEME AND AGENDA) and the shareholder value philosophy of SCREW THE AMERICAN WORKER.

    I am sorry but I had to jump in AND SET YOU STRAIGHT.
  10. purplesky

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    These wingnuts are on the radio and many on the same radio network. Glenn Beck is starting his own network and constantly asking for$$$ members on his terrible wingnut show.
    I still havent heard a TRUE left wing AGENDA radio talk show. Nobody owns a major leftwing radio network so thats probably why.

    Rush Limbaugh

    Bill O'Reilly

    Michael Savage

    Sean Hannity

    Laura Ingraham

    Glenn Beck

    Mike Gallagher

    Michael Reagan

    The 2 idiots on Red Eye radio that brainwash truckers not to become union.

    Gordon Liddy
  11. oldngray

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    Its amazing how liberals can quote all of these conservative commentators that most conservatives don't even listen to. Afraid of anything being said that departs from the liberal agenda so mindlessly attack all of them.
  12. Upsmule

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    Eh, to each his own obviously. I always figured Fox News represents the clear and polar opposite views of millions of Americans that stop believing a liberally biased media decades ago.
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    Right wing radio works because it caters to hate and ignorance. It takes too much time to read a book. There is liberal talk radio but mostly on the internet. Left wing radio you need to go to PACIFCA...Pacifica Foundation Radio or WBAI Radio - NYC or KPFK 90.7 FM or Democracy Now! or Progressive Talk Radio - Listen Online
  14. Bagels

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    Re: If your regional supplement was voted down - now what happens?

    An ad buy on Limbaugh & Fox News is outrageous, especially given that their audience is old white men with a median age in the late 60s. Yet they tend to be influential, hence the cost. And while I know what you're getting at, you're dead wrong -- FOX News, Limbaugh, and other conservative commentators are clearly the driving influence of the policy making within the GOP. FOX wanted to distance itself from Palin's antics, but she was so popular among the conservative circuit that they ended up rehiring her.

    Although my social views, like the overwhelming majority of people my age, tends to be liberal, my fiscal views are actually pretty conservative. Yet it's hard for me to support the GOP (its stance on social issues aside), given that it tends to support the interests of ubber-affluent people over middle class Joe. As for my ideology, I grew up in an ubber-affluent community; my neighbor was an officer for one of the largest companies in the world and frequently had guests such as the Romneys over (I should add that this was well before he went into politics). I KNOW how these people think. In relation to UPS, the thought process of the people running the company is something like this: we make the decisions & share the risk that determines the success of this company; FT drivers are fly-by-night plug-and-play positions that we should be offering just enough to cover -> it's ridiculous that we're paying them over $100K in total compensation, when people would be willing to do the job for less than half that. These weren't meant to be career jobs -- it's something to do for a few years while you acquire a skill, then move on. [Of course, we have plenty of BrownCafe members who truly believe that the company would like to offer them $150K/year with gold benefits, but the Teamsters are screwing them.]

    My position is that people should be paid fairly for their work. Even in the go-go 90s, companies de facto colluded to keep entry-level jobs at minimum wage, despite near 100% turnover. In 2013, paying somebody $7.20/hour without benefits to work FT at Walmart - while it earns billions - is ridiculous; it creates a system in which they depend on public assistance. This is America, and anybody willing to put forth an honest effort should be rewarded. They shouldn't have to turn to public assistance, they shouldn't have to live in a cave with no luxuries drinking water and eating Roman Noodles. The thought process that 'well, they should acquire a skill and move on' is flawed because there aren't enough professional or skilled jobs in this country to accommodate everybody, and we still need people to stock shelves and scrub toilets at Walmart.

    It angers me as much as everybody else when I see people playing the system, purchasing Red Bull with Food Stamps, but most people in position of collecting assistance need it and are embarrassed about it. It angers me that we've created welfare states in places like Cleveland, Detroit, portions of Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City, etc. But how do we fix it? You simply can't cut off the funding, and no politician (even on the Right) would do so anyway. We've created welfare states because we don't want these people living & working in our communities, and we're not going to change that. Even if it bothers us.

    - - -

    I support health care reform because I've lived with (what will be) a fatal condition my entire life. No insurance company is going to extend private insurance for me, since they're in the business of making profits. And if I joined a small company, despite HIPPA laws, they'll quickly figure out something's up when their premiums soar after a year.

    Do I like ObamaCare? I think it's the only compromise we're ever reach in creating a de facto national health care system. I support socialized medicine (but with the option to buy up in coverage), because I think health care's a fundamental right & should not be dictated or a burden for employers (especially in search of profit), but know it'll never materialize. People would rather @$!~ and moan about the real problem -- a lack of doctors -- then fix it. Every year, tens of thousands of students apply to medical school, but only a small number are accepted. The biggest challenge is the cost of a med school program, and attracting people to teach within it. Rather than overhauling our education system, we pretend that our best and brightest are so afraid of ObamaCare, they're going into package car driving. Total B.S.

    It's amazing that in 2013, students (or their parents) are paying $25K/year in most states to sit in a lecture hall with 300 other people. We have the ability to overhaul our higher education system, with taped interactive lectures, leaving students to go to campus only for the purpose of Q&A and assessment. Instead, we push toward the 1800 ways because we and our kids want an opportunity to experience "college life."
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    I don't get news is such a joke...

    Limbaugh is a fat bloated pill popper that lies just as bad as "Faux" news....

    Liberals are enjoying (for some reason) a second term in the executive branch while clinging to a majority in the senate (for now).

    Since no one obviously takes Limbaugh Hannity or faux seriously. . . . .

    Wuddya care!!!!!!! Haha!
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    TOS is gonna kick your arse for stealing his schtick!
  17. Bagels

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    ...had it not been for Gerrymandering, the Democrats would've controlled the House as well.
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    Ha! We'll see come 2014 won't we? ;)
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    ​Thanks goes to Gerry!
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