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    Hey all,

    My wife and I are pretty fresh out of college, and we both have full time IT jobs. We're getting by comfortably right now, but I'm looking into a part time UPS package handler position for a while just to help build our savings for a house and what-not. There are positions open at the Harrisburg(Middletown) Intl. Airport for package handler, and the shift is 5-8:30P so that'd be a perfect time slot for a part timer for me. I'm 23 and lift in the gym anyways, so I figured the physical aspect the job would be good for me anyhow.

    Does anyone know what I am to expect working at an airport location and also that particular shift? How often (or rarely) will I be able to take the day off? What's the attire for actually working and also the interview. I didn't even apply yet, but just wanted a brief intro before I dive in.

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    As this would be an air operation, be prepared for a more extensive pre-employment background check per Homeland Security guidelines..blah blah blah. Normal sort attire would be leather work shoes, jeans, and shirt that you could accept getting torn or soiled beyond recovery. For interview, I most often observe the successful applicants wearing same such atttire in a near new condition or state. Then again I also see many wearing torn droppy drawers and baggy jearseys (oh boy I digress again) Good Luck

    You can almost always tell when a new applicant is given the nickel tour as they're the few that still have a smile on their face.
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    Ironically, I also graduated college in IT. I took a PT package job at UPS to pay off student loans. I worked there for a year and a half. I seen people wear pajama pants to work. Work boots are about the only requirement. Days off? When I worked at UPS it was next to impossible to get days off. The physical aspect is very rough on the body. You get alot of bumps, bruises, and strains working at an extremely fast past.
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    are you doing this for the benifit? cause the wage is not that high.
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    take the airport. my god do i envy you. overnight delivery is 10 times better than standard ground delivery. boxes are lighter, better packaged, and you can sleep easy knowing you helped moved IMPORTANT stuff, not freakin' car parts, raw textiles, and grocery store flyers. plus after a few months, you get promoted to working right on the ramp (with de planes!) which is fun as hell.

    go to the interview in business casual, and UPS really takes consideration for their employees spare time as long as it doesn't get stupid and you ask for every 2nd friday off. i know your type (fresh out of college) and the supervisor will love you if you carry on that college work ethic (the work ethig during the 2 weeks when you study, not the other 24 when you're passed out in the drunk tank) attire at work, i don't know about airside, but you wear your own clothes and the company provides rain gear, reflective vest, hearing protection.

    all you will say to yourself is "why didn't i do this during college" with earn and learn, 'n' all...

    one final point, i don't know why you'd want to work at UPS to 'start your savings'. they pay isn't that good, although the health and dental benefits are spectacular. if you're in it for the pay only, i say, do it consulting work on your spare time.

    all the best! keep us updated.
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    Well honestly, I haven't really looked around extensively for other fields of PT work. I do too much sitting at my desk and running my brain through the day, I guess I just wanted the opposite in a PT. We already have full benefits through our FT job, so maybe I should take the hint and look elsewhere for higher pay. My wife is expecting now, too... so that's a big reason I'm concerned with days off. I guess with the pay and inflexible schedules, I should probably be sniffin elsewhere to meet my goal. I'll report back if I end up going through with it, but otherwise, thanks for the advice!
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    I'd take the job. You will work hard, however, imho, it's good for second income/benefits.
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    This job would have been perfect for you during college, where UPS would have paid your schooling and books. For PT Evening Work, however, I don't think you can find anything with a lot of high pay, maybe FedEx as a Ramp Handler? They make $3-4 more than the Cargo Handlers, and I doubt they hire Ramp Handlers externally.

    I say, do IT consulting if you need the extra money. You already have good benefits, so UPS is of no real use except $150/week extra money.