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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bear123, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. bear123

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    I know it's way to early to discuss contract proposals but has anybody heard anything on what they might put on the table; rumors or not.:confused:1

    I had heard one of the items was extending the vacation weeks to 8 weeks. :lol: There are a lot of people, including me that will be approaching 30 years very soon. Hey, might as well reap the benefits of our blood, sweat and sometimes tears.

    Realistically, what do you think they will offer as far as pension and other benefits?

    brown bear
  2. any122

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    I would plan on having your dues raised,more than likely the retirement age will be raised and you will have to give back a weeks vacation so they don't have to raise your health and welfare.So you better check into the APWA the better way.
  3. hj2001

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    what is this APWA anyhow??? is this kinda like the "Green Party " or "libetarian party" - does ross perot run it???
  4. Keepingthemhonest

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    In a word yes...but sub in al sharpton for perot
  5. hj2001

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    lets just elect Tony Soprano 2 be are IBT Prez . Problem solved!!!