Contracted bus accident, fallout?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kingOFchester, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. kingOFchester

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    Like some input. This really has no effect on me, but I would be intrested to hear what you may think the out come will be.

    The bus is chartered by UPS to commute part timers to and from the building. Mostly those who do not have cars, licenses or the money to transport themselves. UPS pays for it and does NOT charge the employees for this service. The bus comes from Philadelphia a good 30+ miles away. I am sure there will be a lawsuit or two.

    Today I heard that UPS plans on discontinuing this service. I heard several of the bus riders talking to the union guy about this. He said he would look into it....... So what do you think will happen? Will UPS be forced to continue offering the transportation?

    Funny piece of tidbit, the bus crashed in the yard of one of our on car supes.:surprised:
  2. rod

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    I was always told that UPS has to run these charter buses out of the inner-city because they can't get suburb kids to work. Good to hear no one was killed
  3. kingOFchester

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    Rod, no matter how sad that statement is, it is true. However, being that we are in a recession, and I am seeing more and more drivers going back to the inside.....this may be a good way for UPS to slash payroll. Not that I agree with it or disagree.....
  4. cachsux

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    UPS Cach has had it`s own subsidized bus lines,with discounted fares, from the beginning with a huge terminal at each end of the building. Some of the lines run as far as northern Indiana. If they stopped offering these rides they would lose a large portion of their already turnover heavy pt numbers.
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    ADDIL had a bus that ran from the city to the hub for the Twilight Sort. The Fall I quit there was talk about cancelling the bus. I think UPS actually tried to cancel it and the bus company told them "uh-uh...we have a contract!" I don't remember--if I ever knew--the outcome of that. -Rocky