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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by scratch, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Anybody want to share any thoughts about the recent passing of Loretta Scott King? I was born in 1958 in the Deep South, and have always been exposed to racism to some extent, in all parts of this great Country. As a small child, I can remember the "White Only" or "Colored Only" Restrooms and Drinking Fountains when my parents drove through the back roads when we went on our yearly Florida vacations. I didn't understand them then, can't understand them now. While I didn't agree with her stand on a lot of things, She and her husband bought a lot of justifable change through the peaceful demostrations. She had a lot of class, and has joined her husband in Heaven.
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    Obituary: Coretta Scott King

    Coretta Scott King, the widow of US civil rights leader Martin Luther King, became a campaigner in her own right after his death.

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    Mourners honour Luther King wife

    Crowds in Atlanta pay their respects to Coretta Scott King, widow of US civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

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    It was so sad to see the funeral of a special lady turn into a partisan political bunch of crap. What is it with funerals and democrats. First it was the Wellstone funeral and now this. Shame on them.
  5. Could you be more specific, or are you just repeating the talking points?
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    Tyrone-if you didn't see or hear the partisan, political crap delivered at the funeral then you are either deaf and dumb or you are from that side of the aisle. But here is one example. Carter took a shot at Bush regarding "domestic spying" by bringing up the government tapping the phones of the King's. Had nothing to do with Bush but hey it was a free shot.
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    Well, at least the music and singing was nice.......

    You'd think former pres. Carter would know how to behave at a funeral. The speeches were suppose to honor a woman.

    I believe Bush & Clinton (one rep. and one dem.) behaved properly. They spoke about THE WOMAN.

    Most of the democrats continue to disgust me. As soon as they face a TV camera they become "Ted Kennedy".
  8. Gee, and I thought that King's phone was tapped, so you're saying it wasn't? Or just that the crap the Kings had to put up with from their own government isn't relevant? Or are you saying that a funeral should never have politics brought up at it?

    Just asking, don't get in a tizzy.:ohmy:
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    The ONLY thing a funeral should be about is the person in the box......celebrating their life, etc. It is not a podium for people's personal agendas. Have you never been to a funeral? Are you really that stupid Susie?
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    The Presidents should not have been there anyway. They are supposed to represent all the people. Martin and Coretta were just a couple of racists.
  11. Seems as though a lot of folks here have a fixation for this 'Susie' character, I wish she would come back so we could have an intelligent conversation, but I understand someone had her banned.

    Anyway, here is a eulogy given by Dr. King himself. I think you'll notice that he used it to 'politicize'. You do realize Coretta Scott King was a political person, who actually campaigned at the side of Jimmy Carter? So I would think that bringing up politics would be a part of a celebration of her life.

    The Kings transcended 'personal' and stood as a beacon for something much greater, something that has yet to come to fruition.
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    T.S. Just because somebody else does it....does not make it right. Didn't yo mama ever tell you that??
  13. That wouldn't be a racist remark, would it? Seems like it to me.
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    No, T.S.

    You can go to any joke site on the web and see "yo mama" jokes in the index of topics.

    So, if you are offended....then how about "didn't your mother ever teach you that?"

    Now are you going to tell me that "mother" is the beginning of a common curse phrase?......puhleeeeese!

    Wake up little Susie!
  15. Never mind, I see now that the whole brouhaha was a Rush Limbaugh thing. That explains it all. Thanks for you input.
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    No tizzy here tyrone. Never said that they weren't tapped but it was interesting that Carter didn't bother to mention that it was that liberal icon Robert Kennedy who approved the tap. Bush had nothing to do with it and I believe it was an uncalled for slap at him but then again Carter is classless so I shouldn't be surprised. And no I don't feel that a funeral is the place for politics but obviously you don't agree.

    Upsace-Martin Luther King was not a racist.
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    and your response was definitely a teddy kennedy thing. Serve up another one for me susie.
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    It's been addressed, but I'll add the following:

    Yes, Martin Luther King, Jr. was wiretapped and followed, etc...on the orders of Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General of the United States appointed by his brother John F. Kennedy during his administration. The wiretapping continued under the Johnson administration. All of these individuals are democrats. (Please see U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations for verification).

    The republicans do not have the corner market on wiretapping. It is an activity that has crossed over both sides of the political fence.

    For my two cents, Coretta Scott King was an amazing woman who deserved to be revered and for people to behave in a dignified way. She was a tireless advocate and leader of the civil rights movement. She brought grace and humanity to a condition that has long plagued our country. She deserved a tribute fit for a king (no pun intended). Someone taking jabs at a current political leader - go on CNN or whatever and say whatever you want. There is a place and time for everything, but a funeral is not one of those places. Behave in a dignified way and HONOR the woman before you. Those comments were BENEATH the man who spoke them (I believe he is a much better person than that, otherwise). We have such a long, long way to go, but I am so grateful for Mrs. King's presence in our world. May she rest in peace along side her husband.
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    Some things as they age need to be discarded. And poor ole Jimmy is one of them. HE is being used by the anti Bush crowd to do things that would be a political death sentence for any one of them. Shame.

    Funerals are to be used to celebrate the life of the departed, to comfort those that have the loss in their lives. It is not a place to get political mileage. It just cheapens the funeral.

    Kinda like one I went to for a young man that was shot to death by another young man. The preacher knew absolutely nothing about either one, and his whole spiel was get saved or burn burn burn. Only mentioned the young mans name three times during the whole hour + ordeal. Twice in the first 30 seconds and once at the very end. And had to look at the little card for the name each time.

    So sad, especially since it was the son of one of our drivers.

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