Corporate --Grade 22's --Eliminated ???

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    Question for Pretzel man or any person in corporate ----District Manager grade 22's were reduced by more than 50% -----How many Grade 22's were eliminated in Corporate ---if any at all ????:sad-little:
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    Not enough
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    Corporate is not my area of expertise but....

    This restructuring was about US domestic. I'm part way through watching the conference material and Myron discusses some of the restructuring.

    I am not aware of much (if any) reduction of corporate grade 22's. I do believe they will get to that. I believe corporate is top heavy and many jobs can be downgraded.

    I guess time will tell...

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    Thank you for your response. Not that it really matters but the corporate 22's always confused me. The District Managers that ran Districts always had hundreds of Management and thousands of hourlies reporting to them --or that they were responsible for. I know of many "grade Level 22's" in Corporate that sat in cubicles and in reality had very few- if any others they were responsible for . It would be a real shame if we have reduced the districts by over 50% but still have over two hundred people attending the management conferences because of a bloated Corporate office. Of course many cannot see the trees in the forest in corporate.
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    Level 20's and above have fixed wall offices rather than cubes.
    I agree that some level 20's and 22's are not needed and will most likely not be replaced when they leave the company.
    Not all Level 22's are invited to the Management Conference.
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    Thank you for the updated information. If only the Management Committee, the reduced number of Region and District Managers as well as a few Department heads from Corporate ----- this is going back to the 70's and early 80's --a very elite and small Management Conference. Another example of "Back to the Future"
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    Kind of like our school district. Laying off teachers and school staff while the fat cats in administration keep milking the public.
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    My guess is that most of these folks are real close to retirement and will be gone sooner than you think. I have always had a deep respect for management and non-management who were senior in there field. I grew up with seniority and thought that there was a place for it within reason. I watched a lot of management folks get close to retirement and the company worked with them and showed them that their seniority and their time served was valued. I always hoped I would be treated the same way. Fortunately I was.
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    I thought the 22s were called "doors." They get the prestige of an office with a door and a seat at the lunch tables closest to the lunch tray return conveyor belt, plus a mansion in Roswell.
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    You were probably one of the last.
    I remember this being the case in my district once upon a time. Now some of the very senior people are given night assignments and are traveling much further from home than they used to. The prevailing wisdom is that if a younger person is put in these spots they will leave. The old timers have too much invested to go so they buckle down and do it. And if they do leave they'll be replaced by someone much cheaper. Whatever remnants of your 'partners' taking care of you in your old age is long gone.
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    Surfing on the internet all day requires a little privacy. Give them a break.
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    I know of a senior mgt who is on the road five days a week, for the past two years. And the upper mgt doesn't give a rats behind about their family seeing them eight days a month.
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    We should all be happy we have a job