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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Bankrupt, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Had a vehicle breakdown today so I was back to the sta during the reload. I knew we had hired several pt to fill pm rtes over the past year but seriously one dude had bling studs in both his ears( fake I'm sure) another was wearin shorts both his legs were covered in tattoos and one guy (might have been a woman) was actually sagging! Are you serious?
  3. MrFedEx

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    That's the best they can get. The "new and improved" version of us.
  4. Guapo

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    Any warm body will many better paying jobs where I'm at minus the nonsense
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    How can they even afford it? both legs covered in ink = a few thousand dollars.. do they know that they will likely be stuck in low wage jobs for life?
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    I'd hate to see the creatures inhabiting the Ground terminal in your area. LOL.
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    Don't get me started, I deliver to a "welfare" type of office, and 90% of the people in the waiting room have new iPhones, nice outfits, and the african american ladies have their hair and nails all done up.(I have a few friends who tell me this is not cheap to do) meanwhile I'm on my 1990's flip phone(which works fine) but even if I wanted an iPhone I couldn't afford one working this job! I drive by a few churches during the week that do food handouts, and most of the cars of the people going for handouts are newer than mine!
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    I remember, as a kid, the USPS carriers looked neat and clean cut. Now they look like slobs and their uniforms look like they slept in them. We use to look neat....
  9. Operational needs

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    Lots of visible tattoos, dreads, and scruffy beards at my station.
  10. MrFedEx

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    Our customers used to get properly-attired employees. You know...clean, properly worn uniforms that weren't worn-out and full of holes. No tattoos, beards, piercings etc. Now, almost anything goes and the customer who is paying big bucks for sending something Express doesn't want to see a hobo walk into their lobby. They want to see someone neat, clean, and the UPS driver.
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    Our appearance standards are not nearly what they were when I started 24 years ago.
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    What is a "welfare type" of office? Since 70% of "Caucasians" are on welfare, do you think perhaps they do the same thing. I have a neighbor that lost his job and had to turn to "public assistance". His wife works part-time, but he was the bread winner (lost a high paying job). Almost lost his house and his pride wouldn't let him go seek help. Yes, he was in the "welfare type" office with a nice car, probably had on nice clothes. You would be the first to judge him (*sigh*). Your comment is borderline "racist" ... let me take that back, it is "bigotry". So don't group all "Blacks" (or any other ethnic group), in the same category. We could judge you the same way; FedEx worker lives beyond his means and can't afford an IPhone, perhaps? Or perhaps, your high school education has you stuck in a low-paying job? Hmmmmmmmm.....
  13. NonyaBiznes

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    Were this handlers or couriers? I'm presuming handlers. What type of managers do you have at your station? This isn't on the handlers (although they should know better), but it is directly the responsibility of their manager. We can only wear a wedding band and a watch. Woman can only wear studs, a wedding band and a watch. I've actually pulled some of the new hires to the side, to let them know about the policy. If you are not comfortable doing that, called the "Anon" hotline and voice your displeasure.
  14. FredSmithsDaddy

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    70% of caucasians on welfare? Where did you get these figures?
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    There's a difference between assisting someone who lost his job due to the economy and someone who chooses to live on welfare and not work. There was a study done last year that showed the value of all the various programs to help a mother of two in New York, if I remember right, added up to quite a bit of money. Can't remember the exact figures but it was the equivalent of someone making around $70k a year, again I can't remember but in the ballpark. And let's not bring up race because there are plenty of whites doing the same thing. The point being it's frustrating to work like a dog while others take advantage, especially when your tax dollars are being used for that.
  16. DontThrowPackages

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    I think he meant, of all welfare recipients, 70pct are Caucasian. Not 70pct of all whites are on welfare. I go by a "Welfare type" office and I see every race, accept for Asians. Who knows what the real numbers are but I think the point he's making is we're the working poor and it's gotten so bad that welfare people seem to be living a better life. I know thats not true but I can't fault anyone for feeling that way. During a lunch, a homeless came up and bothered me for some money. I said I can't afford to give out money. He, seeing me in my uniform, said," You uh rich man". I said, believe me, you're richer than I am. I'm in debt and you don't have any debt. He said something like, " I mo' f'king homeless". I said, If I miss two payments, I'll be right next to you and still in debt. He didn't want to hear it and left to bug the rest of the patrons.
  17. MrFedEx

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    Maybe, but they are light years ahead of ours. You need to see some of our people to believe how bad it is. Torn, stained, and faded uniforms are the new norm.
  18. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Soon I expect Smith to open up coal mines underneath our stations and ramps and send us down to mine when we have late freight or whenever we have extras looking for their minimums.
  19. DontThrowPackages

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    And We'll be given a gas allotment per day. If we go over,we'll have to pay out of our pocket for "fuel waste" lol.
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    Love your username. Will you do us all a big favor and go drop your "son" off a cliff?