Cover driver. Only driving AIR


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Finished integrad 3 weeks ago. All I’ve done is drive AIR, and sometimes meet drivers, and help them finish their routes. They haven’t said much about putting me on a route. Some people are saying this counts towards my 30. Some people are saying it doesn’t. Hell I don’t even know what I’m getting payed. Also Read someone’s post on here. In a similar situation, someone told him he’d be let go after peak. I’d just like some clarification..


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They are probably trying to give you lrapract until they really need you.

Probably paying you bottom air rate. Think it's $12.50
If I’m a regular package car driver and out delivering whatever service level I’m getting what a new driver would make per hour, not an air driver...he needs to file


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If you have been with the company for 3 weeks, you have received at least 2 paychecks. Look at them, they have your hourly rate.