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    Finished integrad 3 weeks ago. All I’ve done is drive AIR, and sometimes meet drivers, and help them finish their routes. They haven’t said much about putting me on a route. Some people are saying this counts towards my 30. Some people are saying it doesn’t. Hell I don’t even know what I’m getting payed. Also Read someone’s post on here. In a similar situation, someone told him he’d be let go after peak. I’d just like some clarification..
  2. They are probably trying to give you lrapract until they really need you.

    Probably paying you bottom air rate. Think it's $12.50
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    Don’t know why they would want to train me on a route during peak
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    If I’m a regular package car driver and out delivering whatever service level I’m getting what a new driver would make per hour, not an air driver...he needs to file
  5. Can't file if he isn't in the union yet.

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    Mind your own damn business

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    Post reported.... this is my business... everything you say is my business since I have been appointed your power of attorney... good day sir
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    To help us out at Peak. Usually fill up the training routes with seasonal and give the bid driver a 400 stop resi route.
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    So what will I be making for only residential?
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    If you have been with the company for 3 weeks, you have received at least 2 paychecks. Look at them, they have your hourly rate.
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  13. ibroits a trainer route. A few close routes put into one. Stops are usually 120 to 140 for new peak season hires