Cracks in DHL's operation?

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    Or then again I could just leave......

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    If you could swim...
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    The Plan
    In the beginning was The Plan
    And then came the Assumptions
    And the assumptions were without form
    And the plan was without substance
    And the darkness was upon the face of the workers
    And they spoke among themselves, saying
    "It is a crock of shi#, and it stinketh"
    And the workers went unto their supervisors and sayeth,
    "It is a pail of dung and none may abide the odor thereof"
    And the supervisors went unto their managers and sayeth unto them,
    "It is a container of excrement and it is very strong, such that none may abide by it"
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    And the directors spoke among themselves, saying to one another,
    "It contains that which aids plant growth and it is very powerful"
    And the vice presidents went unto the president and sayeth unto him,
    "This new plan will actively promote growth and efficiency of this company, and these areas in particular"
    And the president looked upon the plan, and saw that it was good,
    And the The Plan became Policy.
    This is how shi# happens...
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    dawg, at no point have I ever said profits are bad.

    Always, always management infers that for some reason

    I wasn't inferring that profits are bad at all--extremely necessary. The thread is regarding DHL and some of their service issues-----it reminds me of when we would lose business to RPS and some thought that it was just temporary and they will come back to UPS---and they did for awhile....until RPS got better and than FEDEX aquired them---we don't see too much coming back now after we lose it. The same is going to be true for DHL-----and even though UPS has made profits for decades and decades----this competitor is different---they have deep--deep-deep pockets and they will keep coming after us. I am not saying that UPS will go out of business---but volume mean}s jobs and less volume, less cars, less employees.

    My point is not to be an alarmist---just to watch DHL with both eyes--they are here in the US market to stay and they want our business and FedEx's business and USPS business----they need marketshare and they need to be profitable by the end of 2007!
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    I hope as much as the next person, that DHL doesn't take any UPS business. However, taking a picture of a DHL driver who was taking a 20 minute break, and then assuming that it was not a legitimate break is indicative of the problem that lies within UPS.

    Myself, I see an employee that is saving his company money by not running the AC (yes, DHL has AC--FDX too) during his break.
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    Are you management, peacock? Why don't you send the picture to his boss while your at it.
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    "Are you management, peacock? Why don't you send the picture to his boss while your at it.

    Ya just gonna be angry at everyone there 95?

    As has been posted, DHL does not have to make a profit here. They can use the mulitple billions they have from other areas to support this operation until they get the market segment that they are after. Currently the service problems they have are holding them back from coming on strong. Look for those to be focused on this next year while the whole system is streamlined.

    As Dawg posted, this competitor is very different than those of the past. And while I dont see us losing driver jobs to them, I do see the wait to go to full time getting longer and longer as the growth stalls for Ups.

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    Cheryl, Any chance of you removing the part of peacocks post where he identifies the driver with his location?
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    THe driver is taking a break between deliveries and pickups. They do it all the time here. Go shopping, play games at the video arcade etc. Beats going home for two hours only to come back to work for four or five more. Kinda like a split shift.

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    "Ya just gonna be angry at everyone there 95?"

    Not everyone.... I love you, Danny...!
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    Danny, I agree! But to take a picture like that, post it on a web site WITH the time, location etc. is sick.

    We both know we'd get flack if a picture of us like that got to our center manager. (Even if we didn't get flack, you know the center manager would be going thru our records to see if the picture time matched up with our break time). Hell, they'd probably hide in the woods to time the break the next day!

    Posting the picture is one thing. But have some class. Make sure theres no vehicle number showing, and don't give times and location.
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    While I agree to posting specifics, Dhl has not become what UPS is. They dont have the management structure in place to follow drivers. Havent seen the actual numbers nation wide, but our area only has one full time manager and two part time. That is with 40-45 drivers. So as you can see, he is busy with really important things. And they know where he is and he knows when it is time to roll because they call him on the radio. Until then he has all the time in the world. Unlike UPS.


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    DHL is closing their Air Hub in Cincy. Just found out today.
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    In our area they are trying to become us. I can name at least 4 UPS management washouts who have become DHL supervisors or managers. Some of these guys I drove with. The other big haven in our area for UPS supervisor refugees is STAPLES (office supplies).
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    One of the first places was FEDEX. Then RPS got a bunch of ex UPSers, and I am sure DHL is a magnet for ex UPSers.

    As long as they impliment PAS.........

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    DHL has certainly lost ground in my neck of the woods. We have gained back two large accounts, T-Mobile and Bellsouth DSL Service. One of my consignees told me that Bellsouth shipped his DSL modem six times to his house and the driver couldn't find his house although I've seen him in this new subdivision several times. I've also seen packages that were DR'ed on the top of mailboxes during thunderstorms with no protection.(I use DR bags religiously) The Fredex Ground driver misdelivers all over town and all of my shippers tell them to go to hell whenever their Account Execs come after our business. I can remember Dell Used them only a couple of months before switching back to us because they did such a lousy job. And of course, both these drivers have asked me, "Is UPS hiring?".
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    Looks like I offended folks with how I posted the picture. I agree I should have left off some of the details, so, Cheryl...please feel free to remove offense to anyone was intended....bad atttempt at humor...

    Go UPS!
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    dawg, you seem to be a can't do guy.

    The union keeps you from being able to do anything even for our own workers and we stand no chance against fred and soon against dhl according to you.

    Doesn't sound like you are a constructive force for UPS, how much longer before you retire so we can improve the position you hold to a can do guy?
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    Where are all the happy upsers??